Tina Turner’s 2nd Spouse Sacrificed an Organ to Save Her Because He ‘Didn’t Want Another Woman’

On stage and in real life, Tina Turner and Ike Turner were a formidable pair. The singer, however, had never experienced marital pleasure before meeting her second partner, who was “so different” and gave her the “gift of life.”

The phenomenal vocalist Tina Turner, sometimes known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll,” shot to stardom in the 1950s. She met the talented Ike Turner at a Manhattan nightclub, and as a young, attractive singer, she matched his energy.

When they started performing and singing together as “Tina and Ike Turner,” the pair quickly rose to prominence.

The pair’s interest in each other grew beyond just making music. Despite Tina and Ike’s age difference of five years, they soon started dating. A man who was younger than she never stood in the way of their relationship for the optimistic powerhouse since he was enamored by her.

A few years later, she and Ike journeyed to Tijuana, Mexico, to exchange wedding vows. For the famous pair, this marked the beginning of another voyage.

What many believed to be a harmonious union of kindred minds ended up being the worst time for the Queen of Rock and Roll. Years after she and Ike separated, Tina admitted that their marriage had been marred by verbal and physical abuse.

She detailed how her ex-husband detested conflict in her book “My Love Story.” She thus received a beating whenever there was a small quarrel or he felt upset.

This went on for over ten years. Tina, nevertheless, came to the conclusion that it would be best to leave the abusive marriage in 1976. The couple got divorced two years after they had been apart.

Fortunately, Tina had another opportunity to discover real love. This time, Erwin Bach, a music industry executive, held them.

When she first met Bach, she had no intention of getting into another relationship, but he persisted long enough that they ended up writing the most endearing love story.

Then, 47-year-old Tina encountered the man she believed to be her prince charming in a romantic comedy-style tale. Prior to a performance, Bach was hired to pick her up from the airport.

When Tina first saw the EMI music executive, who was 30 at the time, his looks immediately struck her. The singer had just begun to speak when he realized he was unique. Her words are:

“He had the most attractive face. It was impossible to miss. My heart began to thump. It denotes the meeting of two souls. My hands began to tremble. Tina, you ride with Erwin, Roger remarked to me, and I immediately wanted to shout, “Yay!””

Tina acknowledged that the environment was not one that ought to have stirred up her feelings. It would not have been possible for her to ignore her attraction to the music executive while worrying about her concert in Germany.

She uttered: “Even then, I had the option to disregard my feelings and listen to the voices in my head that told me I looked bad that day or that I shouldn’t be thinking about romance since it never works out nicely. I decided to follow my heart instead. I made it a point to get to know Erwin, therefore I stepped beyond of my comfort zone.”

She suggested a future meeting in the US after she was assured of her attraction to Bach, and Bach accepted. They started dating soon after. Tina recalled the incident and said:

“Our relationship started because he was simply so different, so relaxed, so at ease, and so unpretentious,” she said.

Fortunately, Tina’s love is still felt today, even though Bach did not fall in love with Tina right away. Nevertheless, Bach acknowledged that the cornerstone of their relationship was love for one another and that this is still the case today. He said this:

“I love you. It’s a shared desire that we both share. It’s what I’ve always called an electrical charge. It’s still with me. I still feel that way even after I left her two hours ago. In my heart, it is. This gives me a very warm feeling.”

It’s uncommon for famous women to find love again, but fortunately for the Queen of Rock and Roll, she did so soon after her turbulent first marriage.

After three years of serious dating, Bach chose to propose to her on her 50th birthday, one of her favorite days.

But Tina didn’t react the way he had anticipated. She instead delivered a vague response as a result of her apprehension about commitment in light of her past. Then, remembering the proposal, she remarked:

“I replied, “I don’t have a response.” It wasn’t a yes or a no. A marriage declares ownership. That “my” whatever was no longer something I wanted. That was enough for me.”

Despite his skepticism, Bach never wavered in his love for the well-known singer, and almost three decades later, she said yes!

At their exquisitely furnished Swiss house, the couple was married in 2013. In addition to the long-term partners, family members and friends, including well-known figures like Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, joined them at the memorable occasion.

As was to be expected, Tina, the most stunning woman in the space, was dressed to the nines in an opulent Giorgio Amani gown adorned with Swarovski crystals.

For Tina, this was the ideal situation, and she was amazed by its accomplishment. The singer said the following regarding the ceremony:

“I aspired to excel in all I did. My yard and visitors deserved to be the best they possibly could be. They were, too.”

She praised her husband for having self-confidence as well. He was described by the vocalist as:

Despite being a force of nature in his own right, he has never felt the least bit frightened by my celebrity, my talents, or my profession.

The pair has lived at Tina’s wedding site in Switzerland for a long time. The singer moved to the new nation, nonetheless, seven years after the failed proposal.

They have since loved living in their lakefront home in the Kuesnacht neighborhood of Zurich. “Chateau Algonquin,” the singer’s home, has a “cartoon castle energy.”

The house is described as having “ivy slithering up the walls, gardeners tending to the plants, a life-size two-legged horse sculpture dangling from a domed ceiling, a framed portrayal of Turner as an Egyptian queen, [and] a room crammed with gilded Louis XIV style sofas,” according to the NYT.

The artist has been transparent about the factors that motivated her relocation. She added that her ex-boyfriend, who is now her husband, lived there and that Europe is more accepting of her music than the United States. She stated the following in a Larry King interview:

“In Europe, I’m as popular as Madonna. In certain regions, I’m as popular as the Rolling Stones.”

The celebrated performer, who now holds Swiss citizenship, renounced her American citizenship in 2013 by signing the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

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