Woman Asks Elderly Man on His First Date in 55 Years upon Realizing He’ll Spend Christmas Alone

Edwin Holmes, now retired, liked to paint and decorate. He sold his home and relocated to sheltered housing in Leeds, England.

Holmes is alone and has no family nearby because his wife passed away around 50 years ago and his children and grandchildren are in Australia on the other side of the world.

Ellie Walker, a Sainsbury’s employee at the time who was now 22 years old, learned that the 86-year-old would be spending the holidays alone. This discovery touched her because she had become fond of him as a frequent shopper. She uttered:

“He is without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite customer.”

Holmes had established himself as a regular at the store, regularly striking up talks with the employees. Walker made the decision to take action and invited her top client to join her for dinner.

Naturally, he replied “yes.” He was quite anxious, though, because it had been years since he had gone on a dinner date. Holmes took care to draw on his traditional romantic roots as a result. The widower stated:

Regarding the suit, I got the flowers since I wasn’t going to go empty-handed because it was my first date in roughly 55 years.

Walker claimed that when the old guy showed up for the date dressed in a suit with roses in his hand, it caused her to cry because she realized how important the dinner was to him.

The granddad expressed his excitement at the surprise night out with Walker and expressed his deep satisfaction. Then 86 years old, the man said in his own words:

I was quite thrilled about the dinner because it was unexpected and I had wonderful company.

The two continued to spend time with one another following this celebratory supper. The grocery staff reported that the good friends frequently talk over coffee.

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