Boy Doesn’t Ask Santa for His Own Gift, Requests a New Heart for His Mom Instead

In a sincere letter to Santa, a kid begged the big man for a healthy heart for his mom, who was waiting for a heart transplant. A social worker received his letter, gave it to firefighters, and the firefighters immediately got to work.

Christmas is the ideal time to exchange gifts, spread seasonal cheer, and receive gifts. Every year, children make a long list of the things they want for the holidays in the hopes that Santa will bring them presents to put under their Christmas trees.

A 12-year-old boy chose a different route while asking Santa for gifts, despite the fact that kids can be demanding. He made a specific request for his cherished mother rather than requesting that Kris Kringle bring him bounties.

Arnulfo Guerra Jr. was not your typical youngster. He had a pure heart and cared sincerely for his ill mother, who had a significant heart issue. More than anything, he hoped his 46-year-old mother would recover quickly.

Guerra’s only Christmas request, unlike other children his age who would never say no to gifts, was to see his mother in good health.

The sensible Houston, Texas, boy made the decision to ask Santa for assistance before Christmas 2016 in this situation. After giving it some thought, he sent an impassioned letter to Saint Nick pleading for assistance with his mother’s health.

He wrote a letter to Saint Nicholas, expressing all of his emotions and worries. Unexpectedly, the letter was read by a social worker, who was moved to tears.

He expressed his belief in miracles and his lack of desire for toys in his letter to Santa.

The touching message was written by the social worker to the Houston suburb of Channelview’s firefighters. Like him, the firefighting team was deeply moved and decided right away to support the adorable youngster.

The firefighters arrived at Guerra’s house shortly after that, but they weren’t the only ones there. They arrived with gifts in an effort to make the family’s Christmas more joyful. A paramedic named Katya Garza told ABC News:

“For him to be wholly unselfish and refrain from making any other Christmas wishes except for his mother to be well. It really set us behind, you know.”

Guerra received a bicycle for Christmas along with other gifts that made him feel much better. His mother also shed tears and expressed gratitude to the kind individuals.

The youngster described how he and his father prayed nonstop for the wellbeing of his mother. He stated in his letter to Santa that he didn’t want any toys for himself and that he believed in miracles. He only cared that his mother was content. The heartfelt message went on to say:

“Her diagnosis of transposition of the great (arteries) indicates that she is ill (T.G.A). We need her for many more years (sic), but I feel bad for her because she’s 46 and I’m only 12. I turn 13 in March.”

Guerra’s kind act for his mother did, in fact, spread compassion to others, sparking a domino effect that made his holidays happier. Share this amazing tale with your loved ones if it touched your heart.


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