Keep on Mind is created in 2020 by Toshe Simonovski and Brankica Simonovski.

It all started off as a hobby. This couple has only one idea – to share good stories, new research, inspirational quotes, funny, informative memes, and anything that they found interesting and thought-provoking.

The authors here at Keep on Mind website, choose to present information without bias to let the readers think harder and come to their own conclusions. The owners of the site don’t always personally agree with everything published here, but do think that these subjects are worth exploration, critical thought, discussion, and debate.

Our team of writers come from around the world and have many different backgrounds. Some are psychologists, essayists, or even just amateur bloggers with a passion for science, technology, society, and human relationships.

The articles you’ll find here at Keep on Mind are well cited, well researched, and true to the best of our knowledge. If errors are discovered or new information comes to light, the editor will issue a correction on the article. If you ever find yourself disagreeing with something you see on our site or if you find a piece of content that is misinforming, false, or out-dated, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing contact@keeponmind.com

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