Boy in Critical Condition after Being Hit in a Crosswalk on His Way to School: ‘We Are Trusting God’

The lovely family of Angela and Matt Veith resided in Wichita, Kansas. They had six beautiful children who were the center of their world as parents. The Veith family never had a dull day and they made the most of every opportunity.

The pair lived a picture-perfect existence and never missed an opportunity to appreciate their loving family. Angela frequently posted wonderful pictures of her family life online, showing her and Matt having a blast with their children and loved ones.

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Unaware of what fate had in store for them, the Veiths hoped to greet each new day as a family. One of their sons, Nathan Veith, awoke early on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, eager to get off to school, say hello to his teachers, and spend the day having fun with his classmates.

Nathan attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in the fifth grade, where he was well-liked by both the kids and the staff. Nobody could have predicted what would happen in the next few minutes as the small child happily dressed and said goodbye to his parents.

An Unfortunate Incident

The Veiths claimed their adored son was struck by an eastbound motorist in a crosswalk while riding his bike to school. The incident happened on Tuesday at at 7:40 a.m. near Central between Tyler and Ridge roads, according to Lt. Joseph Kennedy.

According to Angela, the vehicle who struck her kid failed to notice either him or the red light. She said that as a result, her son sustained serious head injuries and is currently in the intensive care unit in a critical but stable state. Jack Farmer, an eyewitness, claimed to have been present when the incident took place.

He claimed that he and a nurse quickly exited his car, raced up to the youngster, and assisted him as the nurse dialed 911. Nathan was taken right away to the closest hospital.

A Neighbor’s Opinion

Farmer expressed his wish for the child’s well-being and prayed for his quick recovery. The driver of the Ford Fusion that struck Nathan’s bike was in his 40s and didn’t appear to be hurt, according to the Wichita Police Department.

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The sad episode, according to a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous, may have been influenced by the sunlight. They believed:

“I reasoned that they couldn’t see very well because the sun was in their eyes. It has only recently risen in the morning. Nevertheless, a young boy was harmed. I really hope he makes it.”

A number of neighbors expressed their worries about how dangerous the crossing would be. Five-parent Amanda Hageman requested a bus for her kids to get to school because of the congested crosswalk, but the school refused because she lived close.

Even though Hageman could drive her five kids to school, she said she felt bad for the parents who couldn’t. And she added:

The unfortunate truth is that we must send our children to school when we are unable to pick them up, praying to God that drivers would pay attention to the roads that our children are traveling on.

Robert Patallas, a different neighbor, claimed he and his wife relocated to the neighborhood in 2015 and frequently went for walks. But he and his family don’t cross the Central following an incident in which a car almost hit his wife and his dog.

The residents of the neighborhood expressed their desire for more school buses, a stoplight, and crossing guards. On September 22, Angela posted an emotional photo of her beloved son hugging a dinosaur on Facebook.

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Matt reported that Nathan’s younger brother visited the hospital with his own plush dinosaur to keep him company. He and Angela also expressed their gratitude to the medical staff, nurses, and neighbors for their care, support, and love.

Anyone who wants to assist the Veiths can do so by joining the Meal Train. Over 10,400 dollars have been raised as of September 23, surpassing the $1,000 target.

Faith in God

Angela expressed her sincere appreciation to everyone who provided her family with both material and emotional support throughout their trying period. Additionally, she pleaded with people to think about her 11-year-old son and to pray for his speedy recovery. Mother also wrote:

“We are trusting God to see us through these trying times and that Nate will recover from this,” the statement continued.



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