Millionaire From ‘The Profit’ Steps In To Help A Pregnant Mom Who Works Two Jobs To Feed Her Family

A pregnant woman who has work two jobs to provide for her family is then helped by the millionaire from “The Profit.”

The kind of cool guy Marcus Lemonis loves to assist those in need. Marcus is a millionaire in his own right, and he rose to his position by observing and putting into practice the most practical business concepts. Marcus is of the opinion that a company is more likely to succeed if it values and respects its employees well.

Marcus has gone out of his way to utilize his own money to support some businesses that require support since he is a good person. One good lady’s life is changed by him in this lovely film, and she is overcome with emotion.

Although Tami Forbes is expecting a child, that isn’t what is bothering her. She has been working two jobs to pay the expenses, and now that she will be on maternity leave, she is especially worried about the wellbeing of her family. Marcus has made the decision to change that, and you’ll love him for it!

See how Tami receives her salary in advance for a full six months. It’s incredibly moving and comforting!



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