An Orphan is Adopted By A Mother, But A Detail in The Stranger’s Picture Changes Their Lives Forever

There was one particular element in each image of the orphan she had recently adopted that Angie simply could not overlook. She pleaded for information on a Facebook group out of desperation, never expecting to hear back the same day from a total stranger.

Angie and her husband were overjoyed when they made the decision to adopt a young child from China. It was more than wonderful to consider expanding their family by one more happy face. Mav had spent the majority of his brief existence in an orphanage, but the instant they laid eyes on the adorable boy, they knew he was the ideal fit for their family.

However, there was one aspect of her new child’s adoption images that Angie simply could not overlook. She had to find out what was going on.

She quickly discovered that the boy in every photograph of Mav had been Mav’s “brother” in the orphanage. Josh had been Mav’s sole reliable companion during his brief life while he waited anxiously to be adopted, despite the fact that he didn’t have a family of his own.

The two appeared to be inseparable from every angle. They ate, played, assisted each other with chores, and explored the vast outdoors for hours each day when they had the chance.

Angie shared the picture to a Facebook community for Chinese orphans out of desperation to find the other young kid. She never expected to find what she was looking for. But the boys’ fate was different.

Josh’s adoptive father had posted on the same page on the same day. Amazingly, the families hit it off right away. Sadly, they soon learned that their distance of 1,300 miles made a reunion all but impossible.

Not until Josh’s father got a call from his business some months later did things alter. To the same same state as Mav, they were moving! Mav had a huge smile on his face when Angie told him the news; he couldn’t wait.

The idea of being that close to Josh was like a dream come true!

When Mav and Josh were finally reunited, Angie was unable to control her sobs any longer. She saw as her son approached his old friend, gave him a bear hug, and they immediately started chatting as if no time had passed at all.

It was obvious that the two were more than just blood brothers.

You’ll cry when you see what the cameras next caught. They quickly got back into the swing of things and now regularly play together.

Watch the video below to see how Mav and Josh’s story develops emotionally. What a remarkable twist of fate!



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