‘Aguaman’ Jason Momoa Plays Flight Attendant For A Day To The Delight Of Hawaii-Bound Travelers

Actor Jason Momoa demonstrated that super heroes don’t always wear capes when traveling on a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft from Los Angeles to Honolulu. When they looked up to see him handing them water from a push trolley that was moving down the airplane aisle, he offered the passengers a pleasant surprise. On August 3, 2022, the video was uploaded to Instagram. However, why did the actor decide to portray a flight attendant for the day? Was it investigation for a part? purely for fun? Contrary to what you would think, the genuine motivation is really more caring.

Momoa is a well-known actor and director who has worked in the entertainment sector since the late 1990s. In the action-drama series “Baywatch: Hawaii,” where he made his acting debut, he appeared from 1999 to 2001. Momoa went on to star in the science fiction show “Stargate Atlantis” a few years later. When he was chosen to play Khal Drogo in the first two seasons of “Game of Thrones,” a program that helped launch the careers of many of its stars, he gained even more notoriety.

Currently, the Hawaiian and Samoan-born Honolulu native is best recognized for his portrayal as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom,” the follow-up to the first solo Aquaman movie, is scheduled for release in 2023. He has already played the hero in a few films, and he will likely play the lead in more in the future years. Additionally, Momoa’s success increased as a result of “Dune.” Alongside Vin Diesel, he will also appear in “Fast X,” the tenth entry in the “Fast & Furious” series.

Don’t worry; Momoa hasn’t actually taken a second job to help pay the bills, despite the fact that, as this video shown, he would be very good at it if he wanted to.

Using the handle @livinglikekylee, TikTok user Kylee Yoshikawa posted a video of Momoa distributing water bottles to fliers. The heading stated:

Together with the hashtags “#PostitAffirmations #hawaiitiktok #jasonmomoa #flightattendantlife,” “My aunty emailed me this vid, I just thought I’d share.”

Momoa, 43, wore a dark blazer, a large beaded necklace, and a pink flower behind his left ear in the video. He looked sharp. He smiled at the passengers who were delighted to receive their water bottles as he pushed the drink trolley along the aisle.

One fervent user added, “Only flying Hawaiian Airlines from now on.”

Another person remarked, “I would drink gasoline if Jason Momoa instructed me to honestly.”

Please let me know when is his next schedule?  Said a different supporter.

Some chose the comical path, calling him “Jason Mimosa” and “Aguaman,” and adding that “Inflation got celebs taking part-time employment.”

A flower Momoa was wearing behind his left ear was noted by others as evidence that he was taken with her.

One individual said, “Flower on the left… he is spoken for ladies.”

Following the announcement of the dissolution of his marriage in January 2022, Momoa and his ex-wife Lisa Bonet have been in the news frequently for a number of months. Before calling it quits, the two-parent pair had been together for approximately 16 years. Since then, allegations about a relationship between Momoa and Mexican actress Eiza González, 32, have appeared.

Many keen-eyed viewers, though, saw something really intriguing in the clip. Did you succeed in catching it?

Three cheers for you if you noticed that the water bottles Momoa was giving out were of his own brand, Mananalu!

For those who are unaware, the company defined its origins as follows: Momoa’s “aha” moment occurred when he was traveling. While the Coke, beer, and juice were all in aluminum cans, he noted that he was surrounded by single-use plastic water bottles. He pondered, “Why don’t we just package water in metal rather than plastic?”

The company made the promise that it would remove one plastic bottle from waste that was headed for the ocean for every bottle of water sold in an effort to protect the environment. The bottles were described as “resealable and eternally recyclable” as well.

Momoa is working tirelessly to stock Mananalu wherever he can in his aim to see the end of single-use plastics.

He responded to certain Hollywood sets switching from ordinary plastic water bottles to his brand, saying, “Seeing the entertainment industry take important steps toward sustainability is a passion of mine and one of the reasons I established Mananalu.”

Momoa introduced himself to passengers during an in-flight briefing in a behind-the-scenes video before the camera turned to the cabin and excited heads turning to see the celebrity. He turned to the camera and admitted that he was anxious before dispensing the water. But during the distribution, he was beaming. Momoa had one more surprise for him before takeoff. Everyone on board received a complimentary 10,000 mile certificate thanks to a partnership with Hawaiian Airlines.

We wish Momoa luck in his charitable endeavors, but it’s a bummer we won’t get to have him bring us water on any of our next flights.

Source: thedailyguardian.com


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