Nervous Man Waves To Mom Then Opens Mouth With Note So High Simon Is Stunned In Admiration

If you’ve ever experienced stage fright, you are aware of how frightening it can be. Imagine that taking place in front of some of the most powerful figures in the entertainment industry on national television. In Brian Justin Crum’s case, it occurred during the “America’s Got Talent” audition. He required some family support in order to muster the courage necessary to wow his audience, which included the infamously difficult-to-please Simon Cowell.

Crum had already performed in front of an audience. He had developed his performing abilities in San Diego as a young man. Crum had the extraordinary fortune of joining the “Wicked” touring cast when he was just 17 years old.

The Addams Family, Jesus Christ Superstar, and numerous other musicals came after “Grease.” He has established himself as a skilled performer with many gifts. He set his sights on “America’s Got Talent” because he was confident he had what it required to appeal to a larger audience.

He performed Queen’s “Somebody to Love” during his first audition for season 11 of the wildly famous reality show, perhaps influenced by his award-winning performance as Galileo Figaro in the musical “We Will Rock You.”

When he appeared before the judges, Cowell questioned him about his companions. He waved and gave his mother a warm greeting despite his obvious nervousness and the fact that he knew his mother was there.

He referred to his mother as his “rock,” someone who had guided him throughout life. His mother expressed her pride in him to him. Although they had to spend some of his formative years apart, it ultimately worked out for the best and did not sever their unique bond.

Crum embodied every aspect of “America’s Got Talent” from the moment he performed the song’s first notes. The audience knew they couldn’t wait until the finish to applaud because of how passionately he hammered the notes. He received four sympathetic yes votes from the judges, who were all in agreement. The audience gave a standing ovation as this fairy tale scene came to a conclusion. It was obvious that everything Crum had endured and given up had prepared him for this.



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