People Still Strongly Believe Will Smith’s Slap On Chris Rock At The Oscars Was Staged

Even as the dust has hardly settled on that Oscars moment from 2022, opinions remain divided on what actually happened.
Will Smith has now apologized for punching Chris Rock in the middle of the glitzy awards event.
Everyone is scrutinizing the footage of the jaw-dropping slap that has gone viral throughout the world.
Despite the apologies and the fact that the Academy Awards organizers have begun an official investigation into what occurred last night, many on social media believe it was all staged.
Tens of thousands of individuals took to Twitter to offer their thoughts on how the situation occurred, with the term ‘staged’ trending.

People began tweeting an analysis of Will Smith’s body language as he approached Chris Rock on stage to try to prove their point.
They allege that the comedian gave out warning signs that he was about to be assaulted.
A body language specialist, on the other hand, has weighed in to explain practically every movement leading up to the smack.
Smith could not have faked “that much emotion,” according to Darren Stanton, also known as the “human lie detector.”
“The joke targeting Jada’s shaved head following her battle with alopecia clearly made her uncomfortable, and she demonstrated indications of anxiety and derision in her face after being mocked in front of her classmates and the globe,” Stanton, arguing on behalf of Slingo, said.
“Will, on the other hand, leaned back in his chair and laughed a little too loudly, which is a stress or anxiety symptom.”
According to Stanton, Rock’s on-stage demeanor suggested that he ‘wasn’t expecting what was about to happen,’ and there were clues that he thought the confrontation was a ‘prank.’
“He presented a position of authority with his hands behind his back, like many cops, politicians, and other powerful individuals do in specific situations,” he said.
“He was also exposing the bulk of his body and vital organs, showing that there appeared to be no imminent danger, thus he must have thought it was a joke.”
“There have been a lot of claims on the internet that this fight was staged,” Stanton added. “However, this was 100 percent genuine, judging by Will Smith’s degree of wrath.” “It’s impossible to mimic that level of emotion.”
In terms of what happened, that appears to cover a lot of ground.
Chris Rock’s G.I. Jane joke on Jada’s bald head, according to Variety, was similarly improvised, indicating that it was not part of the comedian’s script.
Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock on social media, admitting he ‘was out of line.’
He stated on Instagram, “I am humiliated,” and “my actions were not typical of the guy I aim to be.” “In a world of love and generosity, violence has no place.”

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