Tiffany Haddish Reacts To Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock At The Oscars | “Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

Tiffany Haddish, a stand-up comedian and actress, spoke out about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock across the face after the comic joked about Smith’s wife’s hair. As previously reported, Smith came up to the platform during the 94th Academy Awards after Rock said, “I adore you, Jada. I’m looking forward to seeing G.I. Jane 2.” Smith slapped him, resulting in one of the more contentious moments of the night. The autoimmune condition alopecia areata, which Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from, was the subject of Rock’s remark. According to The Tribune, this illness causes bald spots and hair loss, and Pinkett Smith has been upfront about her experiences with it.

Following the ceremony, Haddish spoke to PEOPLE about the incident at the Governors Ball “I was moved when I witnessed a Black man standing up for his wife. That meant a great deal to me.” She went on to say, “‘Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth, leave my wife alone,’ is what your husband is supposed to do, right? As a lady who has been unprotected, isn’t that what your husband is meant to do? Take care of yourself.” She went on to say, “That meant a great deal to me. And while the rest of the world may not agree with how it went down, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen because it showed me that there are still men out there who love and care about their wives.” Despite the fact that Rock is a friend of Smith’s, Haddish went out of his way to protect his wife.

“She said,” she explained “Would you do something like that for your wife? ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your mother’s f—-ing…’ would you say? Yes, indeed! Yes!” Rock’s remark was terrible, according to Haddish, because he did not even ask Pinkett Smith if she was cool with it. “She remarked,” she explained “Why would you do something like that? He didn’t even tell her about the prank, but she was hurt.” Smith’s behaviour was supported by her, who stated, “[Will] probably wouldn’t have said anything if she hadn’t been harmed. But it was evident that he was… They took advantage of it. They took advantage of her, so ‘I have to do something…’ He guarded his wife.”

Haddish, who co-starred with Pinkett Smith in the 2017 film Girls Trip, is a close friend of the pair. “Will is alright,” she later confirmed. In his victory speech, the actor who went on to win his first Academy oscar for Best Actor apologized to his fellow nominees for the event. According to Variety, Rock will not pursue legal action against Smith.



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