How Actress Jennifer Garner Was Inspired To Start Taking Her Kids To Church Every Sunday

It’s no secret that Hollywood and religion don’t always get along. Though there have been a few notable outliers, such as “The Passion Of The Christ,” Christian films have a reputation for being corny and low-budget. Over the last few years, however, hits like “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven Is For Real,” and “War Room” have changed that opinion.

Hollywood can’t help but notice the growing popularity of faith-based films. They’re even starting to affect Hollywood stars, according to a new confession from A-list superstar Jennifer Garner!

For this well-known star, Sunday was synonymous with church as a child. Jennifer Garner, however, fell out of this regimen after going to Hollywood.

“I grew up attending to church every Sunday of my life,” she adds, “and when I moved to L.A., it wasn’t something that was just part of the society in the same way.”

“But that didn’t mean I lost who I was,” Jennifer explains, admitting that she had wandered away from church. It’s possible that the actress was drawn to the film “Miracles From Heaven” because of that calm, little voice.

“I adore the film’s message, especially the message of hope,” she says. “I really like how motivational the movie is. But I had a strong connection to Christy just from reading the book and script, and I wanted to pay tribute to what she and Annabel, as well as the entire family, went through.”

The film was based on a true incident detailed in Christy Beam’s book of the same name, in which her daughter, Annabel, a severely sick small child, spent hours confined within a hollowed-out tree where she witnessed a series of miracles. Jennifer plays Christy in the film, and she couldn’t help but be inspired by this powerful Christian woman. Jennifer joined Christy at T.D. Jakes’ church, The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, where iron sharpened iron, just as it says in Proverbs 27:17!

“I was completely enamored with this family and their devotion for one another. I was enamored with their beliefs “Garner went on to say something about Christy Beam in particular. “It was a life-changing experience to play this woman right here; she strengthened me.”

Jennifer’s faith was restored as a result of this wonderful experience, and she realized the value of church for her and her children.

“There was something about doing this film and talking about it with my kids and recognizing that they were looking for the framework of church every Sunday,” the actress explained. “As a result, it was a wonderful gift of this film that it reminded us to discover our local Methodist church and go every Sunday. It’s quite lovely.”

Jennifer has not only recommitted to taking her children to church on a regular basis, but she’s also doing something that few big-name Hollywood stars will: she’s speaking out about her faith! In the following interview, she opens up:
In a town where religion is mocked and atheism is celebrated, we applaud Jennifer for speaking up about her faith. It’s incredible to see Christian films rise to prominence, and we pray that this trend will continue to lead more people to Christ!

The official trailer for Miracles From Heaven, which will be published on March 16, 2016, may be seen below:



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