Jennifer Garner Is Worth Millions But Proves Kindness Is Priceless With Random Good Deeds

Jennifer Garner is worth a fortune, yet she illustrates that kindness is priceless by performing random acts of kindness throughout Los Angeles.

Jennifer Garner recently paid for the folks in line behind her at Starbucks. In a video posted to her Instagram profile, she orders a mint tea and leaves an undisclosed tip for the barista. She then asks if she may also give the barista $100 to pay for the drinks of the customers that arrive after her.

She says, “This is merely to pay for whoever is behind me.” “Just tell them to have a nice day and pass it on,” she says.

Jennifer Garner’s Net Worth Isn’t Defined By Money Because She Performs Good Deeds
What a lovely Christian celebrity! Jennifer Garner was also observed handing out bags of critical supplies to bless persons in need shortly after that good gesture.

“As a random act of kindness, put these necessities in a quart-size Ziploc bag and carry it in your car to give away when you encounter someone in need.” Jennifer Garner expressed herself on Instagram. “A pair of thick socks,” says the narrator. Kleenex. Wipes for the hands. Toothbrushes that can be thrown away. Chapstick. A few of granola bars are on the way. I forgot to provide feminine hygiene supplies this time, but I usually do. $5, $10, $20, and a grin are all that’s required.”

What a wonderful method to show charity to individuals who are homeless in your neighborhood! Jennifer Garner’s selfless acts can serve as a reminder to look for ways to bless others around you.





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