Daniel Radcliffe ‘Dramatically Bored of Hearing People’s Opinions’ About Will Smith Oscar Slap

When Daniel Radcliffe appeared on a UK morning show on Thursday to promote his new film “The Lost City,” he declined to comment on The Slap.
Regarding the Oscars brawl between Will Smith and Chris Rock on Sunday night, he told Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on “Good Morning Britain” that he was “just so incredibly weary of hearing people’s perspectives on it that I just don’t want to be another voice contributing to it.”
He does remember, though, sitting through award events when the host made jokes about him. “You never know if the joke is on you or if you’re the punchline when you’re a kid,” Radcliffe explained. “So you just keep smiling and laughing and hoping it’ll end soon,” she explains.
When asked if he texted his Harry Potter co-star Kenneth Branagh when his first Academy Award (for best original screenplay) was won last weekend, Radcliffe answered he didn’t have his number. “Do you think it’s a big deal if I say I don’t have his phone number?” The one who responded was Radcliffe.
Radcliffe also spoke about filming “The Lost City” in the Dominican Republic alongside Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock, calling Tatum “the world’s loveliest man.” Even on his first day on set, Radcliffe provided a hand by filming on a boat amid rough seas. “I believe they were afraid of me falling down the cliff on my first day, so Channing was on the boat with me, sort of doing stunt safety for me, like gripping my leg at one point, which you don’t see in the movie.”
Aside from dealing with boats, Radcliffe claimed that filming was extremely hot. He explained, “I was quite sweaty, and it was a challenge to avoid looking completely saturated the entire time.” “However, I had it a lot easier than Channing, Sandra, and the rest of the crew.” They were staying in the bush for weeks at a time, while I just came in two or three times a week.”
Reid and Shephard also questioned Radcliffe on the rumor that he might be replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. “I keep getting asked about it,” she recalls, “and I keep trying to say, ‘No, that’s not going to happen,’ because it’s just a Twitter rumor.” And everyone continues to accept it as proof. For the time being, however, it’s just a rumor. The analogy, on the other hand, is one that I enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t want to be compared to Hugh Jackman?”
“I mean, I’d never say never,” Radcliffe said when asked if he would accept the job if it was offered to him. “But that almost looks like I’m inviting it.” ‘We’re not thinking about you, dude,’ I’m sure Marvel is thinking as he looks at me.”
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