Tony Rock Says Brother Chris Rock Is Still ‘Waiting’ To Hear From Will Smith Directly After Oscars Slap

Will Smith’s apologies for hitting his brother during the Oscars on Sunday did not satisfy Chris Rock’s younger brother.

On Tuesdays, Tony Rock, an actor and comedian, answers fan questions — and there were a lot more this week as a result of Chris being hit and cursed out by the Best Actor winner during the awards presentation.

Presenter Chris joked about Jada Pinkett Smith performing a G.I. Jane sequel at the ceremony, alluding to her shaved head. Will, who had initially laughed at Chris’s remark, stormed the stage, smacked Chris, and then hurled F-bombs at him from his seat, ostensibly unaware that she suffered from alopecia. In a strange turn of events, Will won the Best Actor award and received a standing ovation shortly after.

Tony, who portrayed Uncle Ryan on Everybody Hates Chris, expressed his displeasure with the Oscars debacle.

Tony said, “No,” when asked if he approved of Will’s public apologies on Monday.

Chris is still “waiting” to hear directly from Will, he added, rather than being named in an Instagram apology.

He also claimed Sean “Diddy” Combs lied when he suggested Will and Chris reconciled after the show.

Tony said it was “not my call” whether or not the Academy should investigate Will’s slap and whether or not Will should lose his Academy Award as a result of it.

He concluded by recommending that people see the 2009 documentary Good Hair. Chris made the clip in response to a question from his daughter on the significance of hair in Black culture.

“Watch Good Hair because the storyline has been modified to show that all my bro does now is mistreat ladies of color.”
After slapping Chris during the Oscars program the night before, Will offered a public apology on Monday. Chris hasn’t spoken about it publicly yet, but the Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour 2022 kicks off in Boston on Wednesday, and it’s assumed that he will address it during the show.
Chris was spotted in Boston, Massachusetts, ahead of his sold-out show tonight. As paparazzi tried to interrogate him, he kept his head down and his lips shut. He’ll be staying in town until Friday.
Will’s mother and sister have all spoken out about the slap.
The Academy is currently launching a full investigation into the incident, which will take several weeks.

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