Oscars Co-host Wanda Sykes Calls Will Smith’s Outburst ‘Sickening’: ‘No One Has Apologized To Us’

Chris Rock mentioned something to Sykes thereafter, which she reveals.
Wanda Sykes, the Oscars co-host, has spoken out about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the awards presentation on Sunday night.
On Wednesday, the comedian and co-creator/star of Netflix’s The Upshaws came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gave a rundown of her current experience. After introducing Rock to the stage alongside Regina Hall, Sykes had to dash back to her trailer and missed the slap. Smith was already walking back to his seat when she returned to the stage.
says he was shocked when he heard and saw what had happened “I was simply feeling terrible for Chris, my mate. It was also disgusting. It was unequivocally true — I felt physically unwell. And it has left me a little traumatized.”
While Sykes appreciated Smith’s apology on Instagram, she also stated that “no one has apologized to us,” referring to herself and her co-hosts. “This is our residence. We’d like to invite you in. We are the hosts. Tonight, we’ll take care of y’all. Make sure you enjoy yourselves.”
Sykes continued, “We put forth a lot of effort to put the concert together… ‘What the heck is this?’ I think to myself. It’s incorrect. It’s simply incorrect.”
The comedian later said that she ran into Rock at an after-party later in the video. “And the first thing he said to me when I approached him was, “I’m very sorry.” ‘Why are you apologizing?’ I wonder.”
He replied, she said “Your night was supposed to be yours. I’m really sorry; you, Amy, and Regina were doing such a fantastic job. This is going to be about this immediately.’ That’s because — well, that’s who Chris is.”
While Hall has remained silent on the incident since the Oscars, Sykes’ other co-host, Amy Schumer, expressed a similar sentiment on Instagram, stating she is “waiting for this awful feeling to go away from what we all witnessed.”
Watch the video here!
Source: yahoo.com

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