‘Strong’ Newborn Baby Holds Onto Doctor’s Scrubs And Refuses To Let Go

This snapshot of a ‘strong’ newborn baby has lately gone viral on social media for a very cute reason, as newborn newborns are generally quite weak when they are just born.

In the photo, a lovely infant who appeared to have been born only moments before grabs the doctor’s gown and refuses to let go. The male doctor had just done his work and was ready to leave the room to change when the infant clutched his surgical gown, making it hard for him to go.

Guess who is now unable to leave the room.

This newborn infant appeared like he had something to say to the doctor whereas other babies were just sobbing. The event occurred at the Phuong Chau International Hospital in Vietnam, according to reports.

The doctor was perplexed at first as he saw the baby’s cries. Even while he was wearing a mask, we could see a helpless smile on his face later. The images, which were widely circulated on the internet, touched the hearts of hundreds of people because they depicted a rare link between the doctor and the newborn infant.

The baby was most likely trying to communicate with the doctor.

Some speculated that the baby was whining to the doctor about how hungry he was and requesting nourishment.

“He is not ready to come into the world, but he was dragged out by the doctor, now he is seeking for a doctor to settle the account!” is one of the funniest statements.

Despite the fact that no information about the newborn infant has been released, he has been dubbed the Baby Boss and Baby Strong by the public.


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