Richard Gere Feels Anxious About Being A Father At 70 And Wants To See His Children Grow Up

Richard Gere is a Hollywood hottie best known for his roles in “American Gigolo,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Runaway Bride.” When he’s not filming, the actor has had time to win over the ladies off-screen as well.

Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra Silva have welcomed not one, but two healthy kids into the world. Alexander Gere, the couple’s first kid, was born in February of this year, and their second son, whose name has yet to be revealed, was born in August of 2020.

In addition to the two boys Gere shares with Silva, the 71-year-old actor also has a son from a former marriage. Homer, Gere’s firstborn son with previous partner Carey Lowell, is now 21 years old and shares his father’s excellent looks and charisma.

Gere has obstacles that other fathers do not face because he decided to have children in his 70s. He and his wife Silva are 33 years apart in age, and Gere has expressed concern that he may not be able to watch his younger children grow up as he did with his elder children because of his age.

In 2019, a source told Radar Online about Gere’s anxieties about being an elder father. Not only did Gere have concerns about parenting a child at such an advanced age, but he also turned to religion for comfort. Continue reading to learn more about Gere’s self-awareness as an elderly father, as well as his worries and how he’s dealing with them.

Richard Gere is recognized for his attractive demeanor; after all, throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he was one of Hollywood’s most popular heartthrobs. Gere was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 31, 1949, but grew up in Syracuse, New York. Gere’s father, Homer George Gere, was an insurance agent, while his mother, Doris Ann, was a homemaker, according to a 2002 interview with ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio.’ Gere is a descendant of pilgrims John and Elinor Billington and William and Mary Brewster who arrived in New England on the Mayflower, according to the ‘General Society of Mayflower Descendants.’

Gere’s leading man streak continued in the 1990s, with roles in thrillers such as “Primal Fear,” “Runaway Bride” (in which he reunited with Julia Roberts), and “I’m Not There.” But it was his performance in ‘Chicago’ in 2002 that catapulted him back into the spotlight.

Richard Gere told the Independent in 2017 that his acting career had always been unpredictable:

“My career has never been planned. I’ve never engineered a career… You’re limited by what you’re offered… but the incredible list of brilliant directors, actors, and writers I’ve worked with, you know, I’m kind of amazed myself that I’ve been able to ride this career this long with such good people.”

Gere married for the third time in April 2018 after meeting Spanish campaigner Alejandra Silva, and the couple welcomed two children into the world not long afterwards.

The couple’s age difference is 34 years, yet it doesn’t seem to worry them. Silva continued, ” “The instant we saw each other, our karma was drawn to each other. I’m not dismissing our age gap or what it’s like to be with a Hollywood star, but when there’s such a powerful karmic energy present, the issues fade away.”

Silva also told Hello! Magazine the following:

“It had to be this way in this life. He’s guaranteed me at least 20 years of happiness! I have to admit that he has a lot more energy than I do, and he’s a lot more active. It’s difficult for me to keep up with him. He isn’t a person!”

In regards to his wife, Gere expressed similar feelings. In the same Hello! Magazine interview, Gere said: “I’m the happiest man on the face of the planet. What makes you think I’m not?” He went on to say:

“I’m married to a lovely woman who is brilliant, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others, who is fun, patient, and forgiving, and who cooks the best salads in the world!”

The actor is a loving parent who makes sure his children are always a priority in his life. “When you compare the minor things in your life against the major ones, they don’t seem to matter as much. All of the stereotypes regarding parenthood are accurate “Gere took part in the conversation.

According to Gere, his dedication as a father is due to his own parents. He even gave his son the name Homer, like his own father. “If he didn’t have money, it was a grin or an embrace or whatever he had to help out,” Gere recalled of his father. “And it was around me the whole time I was growing up.”

Gere and Silva welcomed their first kid, Alexander, in February of this year. The couple then had a second kid together just over a year later, whose name is still unknown due to the pair’s strict privacy when it comes to their children. In April of 2020, he was born.

Homer, Gere’s first child, is currently in his early twenties and is the result of his first marriage to Carey Lowell. Gere’s decision to have children later in life, however, has had some unintended repercussions. Gere has numerous anxieties about being an elderly father, according to a source who spoke with Radar Online in 2019. According to the source:

“He is well aware that he is far too old to be a father. He knows how to do the math, and it’s made him realize how limited his time is.”

The source went on to describe Gere’s reaction on learning Silva was expecting a child:

“Richard wanted to be sure he’d found the perfect woman before having another child…when he found out they were expecting, he realized how difficult it would be to raise a small child.”

Gere sought the advise of his close friend, the Dalai Lama, after realizing he was past his prime to be a father, according to the source:

“The Dalai Lama reminded him that he believes in rebirth as a Buddhist. He’s taken solace in the fact that if he dies before the child reaches adulthood, he’ll return in some capacity to see him or her! That made him feel better.”


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