Authorities Gifted Single Mom A Van, After Finding Out About Her 12 Miles Daily Commute On Foot

People can be intolerable, but that should not make us lose confidence in humanity. This is one of those times that restores your confidence in humanity and reminds you that everything is still fine.

The story of Christine Wheeler, a young Franklin County mother who walked miles to work in order to feed her two children, drew the attention of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office during the Christmas season.

Locals who saw the young single mother waking on the 59 highway between Ottawa and Princeton at 7 a.m. called for help, and deputies from the Sheriff’s Office at the time rushed to her location to provide her the ride she needed to work.

“Through these interactions with her, the Sheriff’s Office found that this woman traveled six miles to work at Love’s truck stop, a distance of 12 miles per day.”

“The woman mentioned multiple times that she had to walk to feed her children and that she was driven to provide for her family in any way she could.”

Officers from the Sheriff’s Office banded together after realizing they could do more than simply give her a ride and made a grand gesture by purchasing her a much-needed automobile.

“A small group of Deputies got together to talk about how we could assist this woman.”

“With the help of generous residents and businesses, as well as our ‘No Shave November’ funding, we were able to provide a van, two new car seats, a Price Chopper gift card, registration, insurance, and $200 in only a few days.”

That’s a wonderful gesture!

Christine’s reaction, which was captured on film and has since gone viral, was a true Christmas miracle.

“I am very proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Jeff Richards told the media.

“This demonstrates who they are, not simply what they did.” This exemplifies their dedication to serving our community.”

“They could bless someone in a way that words cannot explain by working with other members of the Sheriff’s Office and community members.”

Christine yelled “Oh my God, thank you!” and “Oh my God, I adore it!” when she received her Christmas gift, expressing her gratitude.

“I can now take my kids to the park.” I’m free to go shopping. This means a great deal to me. I couldn’t stop crying. “I was taken aback.”

We enjoy sharing these inspiring stories with you, and who knows, maybe one day you may be one of these courageous individuals as well.


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