This Boss Awards His Employees With a Big Salary, Lends Supercars as Company Vehicle

A terrific boss is difficult to come by, much harder to quit, and impossible to forget. Bosses come in many shapes, sizes, and forms in a society where money is everything.

There are those who are arrogant show-offs who take credit for your hard work, those who are compulsive perfectionists who demand that you repeat the work you just completed, and the list goes on and on.

What if we told you that there is one boss in Taiwan who is none of the above? An employee highlighted how much pleasure it is to work for this particular boss at a meeting in Changhua.

“Let me begin by introducing the organization where I am currently employed, ATC Group. This organization provides the best advantages to its employees, including 2.5 days off each week, monthly income increases rather than yearly raises, and the opportunity to drive about in the boss’s supercar.”

“This is unquestionably the ‘happy company’ that everyone want to work for.”

Employees are treated with monthly salary increases and a weekly 4.5-day work week, making this truly a “happy firm.”

We rarely see somebody working in the automobile sector coming home with a smile on their face, because everything is fast-paced and profit-driven. This company is clearly breaking the pattern, as one employee expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work for his boss’s automobile interior components company.

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“At the company where I work, employees’ salaries are changed on a monthly basis. Consider this: by the end of June 2019, all employees’ basic salary increased by TWD 3,900 each.”

“On top of that, the corporation has spent a total of TWD10.5 million on bonuses and wage increases!”

That’s a top-notch boss!

Wu Chong regards his staff dearly to his heart, likening them to family, according to an employee who shared the best attributes his employer has with the public.

To ensure that business works smoothly, ATC Group provides free travel to all of its overseas employees every year, as well as mobile phones to each employee in order to improve communication on all business-related matters.

“The employee treatment here is a matter of eny among employees in other organizations,” Wu Chong stated.

“I still don’t think it’s enough.” My ambition is for all employees’ average salaries to achieve TWD80,000.”

You will enjoy this company even more if you are a speed maniac or a vehicle lover.

Wu Chong, a car enthusiast, parked all seven of his supercars at the office so that his staff could drive them freely.

Wu Ching replied that maintaining the company’s mall and lovely’ had paid dividends to his staff when asked how his company was thriving after giving them so many benefits.

“The corporation is not registered on the OTC (Over-The-Counter) marketplaces, where investors trade equities, guaranteeing that surplus profits are not distributed to shareholders.”

“Employee benefits are paid out of the company’s earnings.”

“Giving employees large salaries and benefits is natural because we have more money than they do.”

“It’s past time to reward hardworking employees with substantial salaries and perks in order to retain talent.”

With all of the perks, it’s only natural that staff constantly declare their love for their boss.

“I’m extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful boss.” Just hearing about the raise in my monthly wage has brought me to tears.”


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