She Rescued A Baby Bird And Named It Gracie. 3 Years Later, Gracie Returns Kindness And Helps Her Battle Against Cancer.

Dina Theissen rescued a young bird in 2015. She had no idea that three years later, the bird would save her life.

Dina was walking outside her house in early spring of 2015 when she discovered a little baby bird with grey plumage laying at the bottom of an oak tree near her door.

Dina realized she had to save the tiny bird, so she took it home with her.

When she later informed a rescue agency about the bird, they encouraged her to leave it alone in case the mother was seeking for it.

Dina chose to care for the baby bird till it recovered its health because the mother bird never returned.

Dina gave the newborn chick the name Gracie and made a nest for her inside her walled patio.

Dina wasn’t the only one who was looking forward to caring for Gracie when she first brought her home. Her 6-year-old daughter, Alyssa, and her husband, Ken, appeared to be content to look after the bird together.

They put dry cat food in water and fed the baby bird every 30 minutes to feed Gracie. They eventually discovered that Gracie was actually a male bird, but the name stuck.

Dina also put in the effort to get advice from a bird expert on how to care for Gracie. Gracie not only recovered his health but also developed into a gorgeous bluejay while being cared for by his new family.

Gracie liked to sit on Ken’s shoulder and got along well with Dina’s family.

Everyone wishes to keep the bluejay in the family for as long as possible, but they are aware that Gracie will return to the wild at some point. Dina takes him outside frequently to teach him how to construct nests and forage. Gracie is bright and quick to pick up new information.

It was soon time to release Gracie, but he was adamant about not leaving. Two weeks later, the family attempted to re-release Gracie into the wild, but he flew away.

Dina and her family were visited by the thankful bluejay on a regular basis.

Dina and her family received tiny gifts from Gracie on occasion.

Dina was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, and Gracie knew she needed him more than ever at that time.

“He’d be chirping away, acting as if he was having a conversation with me, and I’d be really weak and fatigued.” He was demonstrating empathy, as if he realized something was wrong,” Dina explained.

“I genuinely feel Gracie recognizes us as his human family and that we saved him,” she said.

Gracie gave the family the courage and hope they needed to go through a difficult time.

“Gracie offered us hope and helped us focus on the positive during that terrible time,” Ken remarked.

“We didn’t have any anger, uncertainty, or anxiety during his visits, and Dina felt safe.” Witnessing the difference he made to Dina as she was recovering from surgery and undergoing chemotherapy was remarkable.”

Dina had been fighting cancer for two years when physicians made a miraculous discovery: she was cancer-free.

Only the family was aware that they were not fighting alone. It was all because to Gracie, who was always there to cheer them up.

“Whenever Gracie comes around, the calls reverberate throughout the home,” Dina explained.

“When he arrives, my day instantly brightens. He’s more than a bird; he’s my personal guardian angel.”

Gracie has kept his commitment to visit them on a daily basis to bring a smile to their faces. “Gracie brings us happiness every day,” Ken remarked.


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