Just Because Groom Fails Simple Math Test, His Bride Immediately Cancels Their Wedding

After a groom fails the most basic “math exam,” his bride-to-be cancels the wedding, stating that she will not marry a man who does not know fundamental math.

He could never have predicted that failing the test would jeopardize his marriage preparations.

On Saturday evening, the groom arrived at the wedding hall with his ‘baraat,’ but the bride, dubious of his educational qualifications, demanded that he recite table of two before the garlands could be exchanged.

The wedding was called off after the groom failed to recite the table.

It was an arranged marriage, according to Panwari Station House Officer Vinod Kumar, and the groom came from Dhawar village in Mahoba district.

At the wedding venue, members of the two families as well as a few townspeople had assembled. The bride stepped out of the mandap just as the ceremony was about to be solemnized, saying she couldn’t marry someone who didn’t grasp the basics of mathematics. Friends and family members were unable to persuade the bride.

The bride’s cousin expressed surprise at learning that the groom was uneducated.

“We had been kept in the dark regarding the groom’s education by his family. He might not even have attended school.

We had been duped by the groom’s relatives. My bold sister, on the other hand, stepped away without concern of social repercussions “she stated

After both parties reached an agreement on the intervention of influential village citizens, the police did not file a complaint. The bride and groom’s families were required to return presents and jewelry as part of the agreement.


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