102-Year Old Grandmother was Not Allowed to Attend Her Granddaughter’s Wedding; Most Memorable Wedding Photos Brought Lasting Memories Instead

Every young lady fantasizes about having the most spectacular wedding, just as a tiny girl fantasizes about becoming a princess when she grows up. Naturally, a young woman seeks the approval of her elders.

Tara Foley, a young woman from Texas, was getting married shortly, but her 102-year-old grandmother, who resides in a beautiful hospice far away, was unable to attend. Grandma was dying to see Tara in her wedding gown, and it was one of her last wishes. Tara found out about it and determined to fulfill Grandma’s wish!

Tara told her grandmother about her experience on Facebook. When the hospice nurse inquired about her grandmother’s other desires, she replied that her greatest regret was not being able to attend her granddaughter’s wedding. The wedding was two months later, and she was in poor health at the time. Her heart had already begun to fail.

Tara didn’t want her grandma to be disappointed that she couldn’t attend her wedding, so she phoned the photographer, packed her bridal gown, and flew to see her grandmother. Her grandmother was more excited than her wedding when she appeared in her wedding gown and exquisite make-up in front of her grandmother.

“I can’t express how much it means to me, but I’ll remember that time for the rest of my life.” Between us, your voice and grin will always be etched in my head, Love, Hubi!”

Grandma was also aware that this would be the final time she saw her granddaughter. “She put both hands on my cheek and looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I love you very much,'” Tara recalled.

Grandma died 27 days later, and she did it gently and without regrets.

Tara took out a framed photo of herself wearing a bridal gown and with her grandma on the wedding day, and her family found she had been to the hospice and couldn’t stop crying.

Grandma is no longer with us, but Tara has captured the most memorable times with her through photographs. “I can sense grandmother’s love every time I see this group of images, and that profound fondness will never go away,” Tara remarked, tears in her eyes.


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