Poor Farmer Sells All His Belongings To Fund His Son’s Education, He Finally Sees Him Graduate From University

When a poor farmer’s wife died after childbirth, he did not abandon his son. In fact, he went to great lengths to ensure that his son received a degree from university.

Following the death of his wife, the man was left with only his only son as a family. He had to go through a lot of hardships in order to raise him. Despite their difficult circumstances, the father recognized the value of education and desired for his son to have the greatest education possible.

“My father is my greatest source of pride. On his graduation day, the son beams with appreciation, “Thank you for allowing me to finish my studies.” His father’s dedication is responsible for his achievement. The graduate is a Thai Hmong man. Hmongs are poor, thus Hill tribesmen rarely graduate high school.

His father had sold everything he owned to pay for his son’s schooling.

When one is living paycheck to paycheck, education is often the last thing on one’s mind. It’s good enough for them as long as they have food on the table and will be able to survive another day. Sending his son to school was everything to this father.

The father and son are members of a marginalized hill tribe that frequently drop out of school. The farmer realized he needed to make a change. As a result, after finishing high school, the son went on to Ratchpatr University in Chiang Rai to study.

The heartfelt photo captured at his son’s graduation went viral on social media. People were reminded of their parents’ sacrifices in order to provide them with the life they never had.

During a time when children who can afford basic requirements take their parents’ efforts for granted, it is inspiring to witness those who are denied of these basics work to improve their circumstances.

This father and son’s tale exemplifies how persistence and perseverance can overcome all barriers and provide you with the life you deserve.


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