Instead Of Arresting Woman Who Stole 5 Eggs To Feed Her Family, Cop Brought Her 2 Truckloads Of Food

It is difficult to live in poverty. One mother had to pick between stealing and starving her children. She eventually decided to try to steal five eggs from a nearby grocery shop, but she was caught. When Constable William Stacy arrived on the scene, he learned why she had done what she had done. He felt terrible for her. He could have punched her, but he chose to do something about her situation instead.

Johnson looks after two kids, two grandchildren, and nieces for $120 a month. Johnson, though, had lost her wages the week before the election, putting her family on the verge of starvation. Johnson went to the supermarket with only $1.25 to purchase eggs for her family because they hadn’t eaten in nearly two days. She quickly realized, however, that she was just 50 cents short. She chose to carry the four eggs in her pockets. They did, however, break into her pocket.

She was ready to leave the mess behind when the store staff nabbed her. The woman immediately acknowledged what she had done. Johnson stated that she was attempting to provide for her family. The police was the name of the shop. OffᎥcer When William Stacy arrived at the business, he went to speak with the proprietors about the situation. Johnson was instructed to remain in her current location. They decided not to bring charges against Johnson as a group. Mrs. Johnson’s eggs were eventually purchased by Officer William Stacy.

She anticipated the officer to arrive at Johnson’s house with handcuffs when he arrived a few hours later. She started crying and became really emotional. She even tried to hand up the money she had, $1.25, to the police officer. Officer William Stacy assured her that she would not be detained. During a previous visit to her place, he explained to her that he recognized her from previously. What he saw at the grocery shop corresponded to what he had observed in the previous visit.

He made the decision to do something about what he had witnessed. William Stacy, Officer, bought a carton of eggs for herself and her family. And all I asked was for her to never shoplift again.

Mrs. Johnson hugged the officiant before leaving. They were completely unaware that the event had been filmed and shared on Facebook under the hashtag #feelgoodstoryoftheday. But the official wasn’t through assisting Johnson. Officer William Stacy and a few others went to the woman’s house later that week and delivered two truckloads of food to feed her and her family.

Mrs. Johnson claimed that she hadn’t had so much food in her house since she was 12 and living with her grandmother. She had been emotional all day.

The officials even set up a fund with People’s First Federal Credit Union so that she may receive a variety of additional benefits. After the tale went viral, the donations poured in. Police Chief William added that he had received several calls from people all over the country and the world wanting to donate money and other items to Mrs. Johnson.


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