Single Dad Reunites With His Son After 11-month Deployment: “Brought Tears To My Eyes”

After nearly a year of not seeing his “best friend,” a single father was reunited with him.

There’s nothing worse than circumstances that separate parents from their children. The realities of work and life can sometimes get in the way. Moms and fathers must make the necessary sacrifices to care for their children no matter what, even if it means they are unable to be there at all times.

TikToker Core is the lone parent of two children. He is also a member of the United States Army. Before reuniting with his boys, he had been deployed for 11 months. On TikTok, he recounted the touching moment.


Picking up my best friends after a 11 month deployment!! #singledadlife #singledad #YouGotThis #exprESSIEyourself #Yellow #MicellarRewind #fyp

♬ Different ‘Round Here – Riley Green

One of the father’s boys was picked up from school. His son raced through the door and dashed into his arms before he could even reach the entryway. He got a big hug from the little guy. Corey kissed his kid on the cheek and slapped him in the face. The father was emotional, almost as though he was crying for the first time in a long time seeing his baby.

On TkTok, the touching video had 3.4 million views. Here are a few thoughts:

“Oh, mу heart. I haven’t seen mу son for nᎥne months. He is currently based in Japan. I’m dying for an embrace like that!”

“My father is deployed for a year. He’s been in the military for 20 years. It doesn’t get any easier!”

“That made my eyes well up with tears.” Thank you for your assistance. The expression on your son’s face is careless.”


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