3 Teens Pushed Stranger’s Car 5 Miles To Get Home When She Could Not Afford A Tow

Teenagers are generally portrayed as lazy and self-centered nowadays, but that is not the case with three Ontario, Canada guys who have lately gained notoriety for their extraordinary act of kindness.

Aeron McQuillin, Bailey Campbell, and Billy Tarbett were driving to Tim Hortons at 12:30 a.m. when they noticed a motorist pulled over on the side of the road. The hood was ajar, and steam was escaping. The three teenagers contacted the doctor to see if there was anything they could do to assist. After taking a look, the young guys advised the woman not to drive the vehicle any farther without first having it inspected by a mechanic. It looked that the engine on her newly acquired Chey Cobalt had failed.

The driver, already upset by the situation, was now without a way to return home with her vehicle. Dan Morrison, a resident of Niagara Falls, had also drove up to the scene to see if he could assist. As the mother explained that she didn’t have enough money for a tow truck, Morrison claims he overheard one of the adolescents say six things that stunned him.

“Are you guys up for a push?”

All it took was Billy Tarbet’s remark to his two friends. With Morrison agreeing to follow them with his danger lights on, the lads took a couple bottles of water and started out to push the disabled vehicle back to the doctor’s house over 5 miles.

He published the incredible tale on Facebook, where it was quickly disseminated all over the internet.

Since the story went viral, the three teenagers say they’ve been inundated with positive responses, but they simply did what they believed was the right thing to do. “We were at the right place at the right time,” McQuillin, 18, laments. “This is one of those stories that we will look back on in 10 years and say it was one of those crazy things we did, but it was all worth it.” Many commentators also praised their parents for raising such wonderful children. Of course, the teenagers agree with the sentence. “They did an amazing job with the way they raised me,” Campbell said of his family.

The post has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook so far, and it has cultivated articles like this one on websites all around the world. While the praises and attaboys continue to pour in, McQuillin says the ultimate goal is that their tale will inspire others to follow in their footsteps. “We hope that more people take note of this situation and are not afraid to provide a hand to those in need.”


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