A Man Left His Wife And Son After He Became Rich—Soon, The Son Chose To Stay With His Rich Father For The Good Of His Mother

After a guy got wealthy, he divorced his wife and son—soon after, the son opted to remain with his wealthy father for the sake of his mother.

Once upon a time, there was a man who chose to go to a large city in order to find work. He told his wife and child that finding a job would enable him to support his family and, as a result, improve their lives.

His wife supported his choice and allowed her husband to go to the city, leaving her with their only child. She had always been lonely since her husband had gone away, and she missed him so much that she awaited his homecoming every day.

The man used to send money to his wife and contact her many times a day. He stopped sending money and began calling her as normal. It was as though the man had forgotten about his village wife and children.

His wife felt concerned when she was unable to contact her spouse. She attempted unsuccessfully to locate her spouse on several occasions.

Finally, the woman was forced to sell fruits at the market in order to sustain her family.

Even though she went to the market early in the morning and returned late at night, she barely made enough money.

After three years, the man unexpectedly showed up at their residence with an expensive automobile.

Their neighbors assumed that because of the guy’s wealth, the woman’s suffering would come to an end and that the man was on his way to pick up his family.

That night, though, the man told his wife that he had just returned to divorce her. After years apart, the man said that he no longer loved her.

The fact was that the man already had a young and attractive girlfriend in the city.

The man’s remarks had a profound effect on her. The woman was taken aback by what the man had stated. “Is it true that we have no affection for one other?” If it weren’t for love, would I still wait for your return every day?”

“I never said you had to wait for me to return home. Whatever it is, I have to divorce you tonight, and I don’t love you any longer,” the guy said bitterly.

“However, what about our child?” I don’t want to cause him any harm.”

“It’s up to him whether he wants to stay with you or go to the city with me. I don’t give a damn.”

After that, the woman consented. She had every confidence that her son would pick her. She was, after all, the only one who reared him when her husband was away.

The court asked their kid which parent he would choose to live with after the divorce on the day they intended to file for divorce.

“I want to live with my father,” the son stated. “I want to live with my father!” says the child.

The court was taken aback by the son’s selection and inquired as to why he selected his father. “Because my father is wealthy,” the son explained, smiling.

“If I stayed with my father, he would be able to buy me everything I wanted.” My mother is so impoverished that she can’t even afford to purchase fruits to eat.”

Furthermore, when he was naughty, her mother would become enraged. As a result, the boy had little hesitation about abandoning his mother to live with his father.

The woman, on the other hand, did not give up.

“Son, why didn’t you want to stay with me?” she asked her son. I vow that from now on, I will buy everything you desire.”

“I don’t like you,” the son stated with a shake of his head.

The guy couldn’t help but grin when he heard his son’s statements. He made a wise option by purchasing quality food and toys for his baby two days prior.

When his ex-wife went to the market two days ago, the man returned to their home. He intended to bribe his son in order to persuade him to accompany him to the city. He wanted to have a kid, but his partner wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet.

The mom cried into her hands as her kid informed the court that he wanted to be with his father. She felt deceived and angry that his only kid would choose his reckless father over her.

She considered suicide, but her heart assured her that if her son discovered that his stepmother was unloving toward him, he would return to her.

The mom bought food and toys for her kid before he traveled to the city. The kid, on the other hand, tossed them aside and pushed his father to start the automobile. He no longer wanted to see his mother’s face.

When she witnessed her kid do it, the woman’s heart splintered into a million pieces. She continued to work as a fruit seller in the market, but her sales slowed as she struggled to overcome her grief. She had attempted to locate her son in the city on several occasions, but as soon as she arrived at the bus station, she returned to the countryside since she had no idea how to locate him in such a large metropolis.

Furthermore, she had no idea whether or not her son was in the city.

When she witnessed her kid do so, the woman’s heart splintered into a million pieces.

She continued to work as a market fruit seller, but her sales slowed as she struggled to overcome her grief. She had attempted to locate her son in the city on several occasions, but as soon as she arrived at the bus station, she returned to the hamlet, unsure how to locate him in such a large metropolis. In addition, she had no idea if her son was in the city.

The woman received a $1000 check in the mail one day. She didn’t dare to receive the money since she just knew the check was from a guy who signed his name ‘I love you.’ Every month since that day, she has received a check for the same amount in the mail. The woman accepted the money since she was destitute and believed that the giver had the finest intentions for her to spend it.

The woman got a letter one Spring day.

“How are you doing today, mother?” I know you love me, and I’m sure you’ve been through a lot since I left you. I adore you, Mother, and I miss you.”

“You must understand why I chose to remain with my father. I only wanted to assist you. I thought I could send the money to you because Father always gives me money. Then you’ll never have to go to the market to sell fruits again.”

“Take care of yourself, Mother.” Don’t be concerned about me. I will undoubtedly return home at some point. You’ll always be my mother, and I’ll never abandon you. When I grow older, I’ll bring you to live with me.”

When she finished reading her son’s letter, the mom couldn’t hold back her emotions. She wailed and cried uncontrollably as she understood her son only wanted the best for her. Finally, she realized that her son had never intended to abandon her and that they would one day live happily together.


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