Powerful Video Shows Kids Sharing Lunch With Boy Who Has Nothing To Eat—Resonates With Parents And Teachers Worldwide

The powerful ad, which depicts children eating lunch with a youngster who is hungry, has resonated with parents and teachers all across the world.

While helping one person may not change the world, it may change the world for that individual.

When a student arrived at school with an empty lunch box, this is precisely what occurred.

The film opens with a normal classroom scene in which students remove their lunch boxes and eat their lunch during a lunch break.

This week, a Norwegian commercial went insanely viral, receiving over three million shares in only five days.

The bell sounds in the video, and students in a classroom take out their lunch boxes to eat their lunch.

The lunch box, however, looks to be empty, much to his dismay.

When the child returns to the classroom, he discovers his classmates eating sandwiches and snacks.

The youngster, ashamed, requests permission to leave the classroom and grab a drink from the water cooler down the hall. The video continues with the youngster taking hefty steps around the water cooler and peering out the window.

After a little while, the youngster returns to his desk and picks up the lunch box, which he places in his backpack.

He does note, though, that his lunch box appears to be heavier than before, so he opens it.

His empty lunch box is suddenly full with fruit, sandwiches, and carrot sticks, much to his surprise.

His peers grin as they gaze around the classroom as the youngster looks around. They appear to have pooled their resources to provide snacks for the hungry kid to eat for lunch.

It may appear simple, but his classmates’ thoughtful and compassionate behavior has brought a smile to the boy’s face.

Many people were motivated to relate anecdotes about their children or students observing hungry peers and sharing their lunch with them without being asked.

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs first uploaded this viral video to urge people to foster children.

The video was created by Kitchen Leo Burnett for the Norwegian government to encourage people to foster children. It was originally shared on the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs’ Facebook page, where it received over four million views.

Last Friday, a different Facebook page, Everything About Silence, re-uploaded the video. That version has been seen over 121 million times since then.

The video, on the other hand, has generated widespread discussions about youngsters being hungry at school. Parents and instructors from all across the world have chimed in, with many disclosing that they frequently witness or hear about their own children or other pupils sharing their lunches with a classmate who is hungry, precisely as depicted in the advertisement.

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Posted by Fosterhjem on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Many individuals were moved to tears by the video.

Many people were motivated to relate anecdotes about their children or students observing hungry peers and sharing their lunch with them without being asked.


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