Parents Who Wouldn’t Abort “Deformed” Baby, Show That Love Really Can Conquer All

Parents who refused to terminate their “deformed” child today shared photos of him on social media.

Chris Eidam and Sarah Heller were overjoyed when they learned they were expecting a child.

And, like most parents, pleasure and excitement washed over the young couple right away.

An ultrasound indicated that their kid had a cleft lip and palate at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Both Chris and Sarah were taken aback, but this was their child, and they would adore him no matter what.

When they were 24 weeks pregnant, they learned that their kid had a bilateral cleft lip. This was a life-threatening situation, since the newborn would be unable to feed, drink, or even breathe.

Doctors inquired as to whether they wanted to terminate their child.

The mother declined, stating that she loved her child nonetheless.

They thought the child was stunning and wanted the rest of the world to know.

“It’s fine to be proud of your child no matter what,” Heller remarked. “We wanted to update the appearance of our ultrasound/newborn/first year images on Facebook/Instagram.” “We wanted to raise awareness of cleft lips and palates,” said the group.

When tissues do not fuse during pregnancy, cleft lips and palates develop.

The lips and palates of children with clefts are frequently repaired by surgery.

Then they go through treatment to learn how to eat and communicate.

Because eating was still challenging for Brody, he has a gastrointestinal tube for nutrients. Brody will undergo another operation to fix his palate when he is between nine and twelve months old.

In the end, they were able to scrape together enough money for surgery due to their love and care for their kid.

And Brody performed admirably during these procedures. He has more in store for the future, but for now, he’s a happy, healthy young man. Sara was amazed by the amount of help she received.

Sarah believes that the emotional support she receives from others reminds her that, despite harsh criticism from some, there is a lot of good out there. There’s more good to be found!

“This experience has demonstrated the strength of the cleft community.” People from all throughout the country have contacted us. They are praying for us and requesting that we contact them if we have any needs.”


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