Abandoned Baby Girl Found Alive In A Field Thanks To Puppies Who Kept Her Warm At Night

In a field amid a litter of pups, an abandoned newborn girl was discovered alive and unharmed.

The miraculous event took place in the Indian town of Saristal, where people were perplexed when they discovered an abandoned baby girl in a field with many pups.

Locals who heard the newborn girl sobbing spotted her in a field in the Saristal hamlet of Lormi in India’s Chhattisgarh state, cuddled with the pups, fully unharmed.

The girl is said to have been discovered by the pups’ mother, who sat by her and kept her and the puppies warm overnight.

The infant was discovered by a group of villagers who were about to begin their daily tasks when they heard screams emanating from the field the next morning.

‘At 11 a.m., we discovered a newborn baby girl sobbing and resting with pups in our community,’ they explained.

‘It’s possible the warmth from pups and their mother itself kept this new born alive,’ said another neighbor who asked to remain nameless.

They went on to say that it was ‘pure luck’ that the girl, who has been called Akanksha, survived the night, given how cold it gets at night, especially at this time of year.

One local further remarked that the child’s survival was a miracle because stray dogs may be dangerous.

After Akanksha was located, the panchayat, a branch of local government, was alerted, and the police were called in.

Soon after, officers came and brought the youngster to the hospital, where specialists could assess her health.

The child’s predicament has also been brought to the attention of the Child Line Project.

Premnath, a local, described the baby’s survival as a “miracle,” claiming that stray dogs may be savage.

The authorities are conducting an investigation and looking for the newborn’s parents.


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