Boy Sends Christmas Box to Anonymous Girl in the Philippines, 14 Years Later He Marries Her

A little kid never anticipated meeting the receiver of a Christmas box he sent to the Philippines. Years later, he received a Facebook message that would permanently impact his life.

Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan lived on opposite sides of the world, and their paths might have never met if it hadn’t been for a Christmas initiative organized by Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child.

Wolfe, of Midvale, Idaho, was seven years old when he prepared a box of goodies for a stranger in another country. Marchan treasured the present, and she kept the photo of Wolfe that was inside the box.

A young boy sent a stranger a Christmas box and years later they met and got married | Photo: Facebook/tyrel.wolfe & Facebook/ambinoy


Years passed, and they lived different lives until Marchan resolved to track down the person who had given her her Christmas present. In 2009, she discovered him on Facebook and asked him to be friends, but he rejected. She gave it another shot two years later.

He was intrigued this time and inquired about her identity. The two started talking about the Christmas package, and it eventually became a regular occurrence. They struck up an instant bond, and Wolfe decided to pay a visit to his friend in Manila, Philippines.


Wolfe revealed: “I was well aware that I was taking a significant risk. I’d never gone alone before, let alone to a foreign nation, and I was meeting individuals I’d never met before or even knew existed.” It was both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

All of his anxieties vanished as he landed and saw Marchan. Wolfe would visit Marchan’s house twice in the ensuing year. He requested for her hand in marriage on one occasion.


The pair exchanged vows in Wolfe’s garden, marking the start of the remainder of their lives together. Marchan relocated to the United States of America. Soon after, they bought their own house and had a son, Harlan.

Wolfe’s package arriving in Marchan was not a coincidence, according to the couple. They regard it as a miracle, and they have pledged to fill a Christmas shoebox each year.


According to Wolfe, “We want to demonstrate that we care and that we want to share our love with others. We are both grateful and delighted that Operation Christmas Child brought us together.” Their love tale inspired netizens as well.

Some people spoke about their own personal experiences. One user said, ”

“When I was a youngster, I used to get a shoebox from the missionaries in the Philippines for Christmas, without thinking that one day I would marry a missionary.”


“You guys truly don’t realize how much delight your shoe boxes offer to youngsters,” another netizen commented. Every year, the boxes are sent to the children, making their holiday season even more magical.

A lifetime of love blossomed from a single act of kindness. The Wolfes hope that the effort will continue to spread goodwill over the world.


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