2-year-old Girl Has An IQ Of 146 And Is The Youngest Member Of Us Mensa

Kashe Quest has an IQ of 146 at the age of two, about 50 points higher than the average American’s 98.

Kashe is now a mini-member of Mensa, the world’s oldest high-IQ society.

The bright Los Angeles youngster already understands the periodic table and can read complete sentences. Most toddlers can count to ten, but Kashe can already count to 100 and recognize all 50 states.

During Kashe’s 18-month visit, her physician noticed something unusual.

She’s studying her ABCs.

Sukhjit Athwal, Kashe’s mother, initially recognized anything was off about her curly-haired gorgeous daughter when she was teaching her the fundamentals. Kashe understood her numbers, shapes, colors, and the entire alphabet by the time she was 18 months old.

Kashe was able to pick things up fast because to her excellent recall. Kashe’s physician noticed her intellectual prowess at her 18-month visit.

Kashe could read, sign more than 50 words in sign language, count to 100, and identify all 50 states on a map based on their form and location. Her pediatrician was taken aback!

Are you capable of completing this task?

Kashe can name all of the elements on the periodic table by their symbols, which is something most adults can’t accomplish.

Sukhjit Athwal, Kashe’s mother, has a background in education and child development, so she can adjust Kashe’s schooling to her passions and interests.

While most Mensans may not know all of the words to “Let It Go,” Kashe does, which her parents value.

Even though she excels some people intellectually, she is still a child, and her parents are constantly reminded of this. They don’t want her to miss a single moment of her childhood due to her extraordinary intelligence.

Kashe is allowed to decide the pace for her education by her parents, who work hard to ensure that Kashe has a childhood.

Kashe is presently studying Spanish and attempting to become multilingual, as well as arranging her third birthday celebration, which will take place next month.

A person must score at least 132 on the Stanford–Binetare IQ test to be considered a member of Mensa, which places them in the top 2% of the general population. American Mensa claims to have over 50,000 members ranging in age from 2 to 102, including performers, teachers, students, garbage collectors, engineers, and others from all walks of life among them.

Watch Kashe in action and be amazed at how intelligent she is while remaining a typical lovely child. We’re excited to see where she goes in life!


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