11-Year-Old Boy Cries When He Sees His Christmas Present Is That Mom’s Husband Is Adopting Him

In a popular video from 2016, a little kid received the present he had been anticipating since he was a child. When he unwrapped the present and understood what it was, he was overtaken with emotion.

Landon Rice had always wished for a father, and he and his mother, Janelle Rice, connected when she met a partner. For years, the two enjoyed a father-son bond, and Daniel Rice did everything a formal step-father would do.

He wasn’t, however, Landon’s biological father. When the 11-year-old received his gift on Christmas morning, he was immediately perplexed. He understood it was a photo frame when he opened it, but he had no clue what would happen next.

Boy is emotional and embraces his step-dad after finding out he is being adopted | Photo: facebook.com/Mariofoxla


Landon read the framed award in an emotional Facebook video. It stated: “This is to certify that Landon Ryan Rice will be formally adopted by Daniel Rice, February 2017. It is the heart, not the flesh and blood, that distinguishes us as father and son.”

The child began to weep because he couldn’t bring himself to read the words aloud. His stepfather hugged him, and the two had a beautiful time together. Landon had been Daniel’s friend since he was five months old, and he was ecstatic to make things formal.

Adoption certificate that had a young boy in tears | Photo: facebook.com/Mariofoxla


“Daniel took Landon in as if he were his own and never treated him any differently from day one,” the pleased mother remembered. The touching video went viral immediately, garnering millions of views and shares.

Janelle was taken aback by the response and stated:

“I believe we hope that people will realize that love is love, whether it is based on blood, marriage, or connection, and that for some individuals, a tiny gesture (such as step-parent adoption) may mean the world.”

Boy is thrilled when he finds out he is being adopted | Photo: facebook.com/Mariofoxla


The mother also claimed that her son was overjoyed and pleased that he will be given the surname “Rice.” She went on to say that it was something he had always desired. They were both taken aback by his passionate response.

“We had no clue this would be such a blessing to him!” Janelle said. When Landon was five years old, he expressed his desire for his mother to marry Daniel. At his graduation, he requested that professors refer to him as “Landon Rice.”

See the video here!


This was the final push Janelle and Daniel needed to move through with their adoption. Landon and his parents were greeted with joy by the internet community. “We need more tales like this,” one person said, while another added, “I’m bawling for this young child.”

Users shared their delight as well. According to one commenter: “The best present ever! Family is a wonderful blessing!”

The video’s love was clear to everybody, and it demonstrated the beauty of adoption to many.


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