Homeless Veteran Gets Dream Truck And New House After Using His Last $20 To Save Stranded Driver

With his last $20, a homeless guy buys petrol for a stranded woman, and this is how she repays him.

After spending his last $20 to help a stranded woman buy petrol, a homeless veteran received a return he never imagined, he now says he wants to affect other people’s lives in the same manner he was touched.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr., 34, was a paramedic in Vance County, North Carolina, after serving in the US Marine Corps. He became homeless as a result of a succession of “poor actions and horrible events,” according to Time Magazine.

He was waiting at an I-95 exit ramp late one night in Philadelphia when he encountered Kate McClure, who had run out of petrol in her car.

Bobbitt, concerned for McClure’s safety, instructed her to return to her car and lock the doors. He reappeared a few minutes later, carrying a can of fuel that he had purchased with his final $20. McClure subsequently came to repay him with cash, food, and drink, but it didn’t feel like enough.

She didn’t have the money to reimburse him at the time, but she tracked him down a few days later to give him the money and bring him food and drink. As a thank you, she and her partner set up an internet charity website to attempt to assist him in getting back on his feet. The campaign has earned more than $397,00 as of Tuesday afternoon.

McClure and her boyfriend have set up two trust funds to receive the payments.

One will put money into a bank account set up for Bobbit on a monthly basis, while the other will be saved for retirement.

McClure assisted Bobbitt in purchasing a new house and the truck of his dreams, a 1999 Ford Ranger, before creating the trusts. Bobbitt believes the money is more than he deserves, and he’s already started contributing a portion of his new monthly paycheck to “a few organizations and people who have helped him get through this hard phase in his life over the previous couple of years.”

Bobbitt is collaborating with a lawyer and a financial adviser to better manage his finances and reclaim his life.

Bobbitt wrote an open note of appreciation to his campaign contributors in a recent update. “The sensation is indescribable,” he added, “and it’s all owing to the kindness and generosity given by each and every one of you.” “For the rest of my life, I’ll be grateful to you every day.”

Bobbitt also posted a link to a fundraising website for Jeff Johnson, a handicapped, homeless Navy veteran who lost his leg while serving on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1991.

After their home was foreclosed on, Jeff and his family became homeless. Cole McCafferty, a grade school student who began the crowdfunding effort for Jeff, writes, “My objective is to support Veterans who fought for my freedom and protect them from living on the streets.” “Would you please assist Jeff?”


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