The Groom Hugging The ‘Ex-lover’, The Bride Kissing The Mc For Revenge Caused A Storm On Tiktok

The video of the groom hugging his ‘ex-lover’ and the bride kissing the MC for retribution became viral on TikTok. A wedding is the most significant day in a person’s life, and everyone wants it to go perfectly. However, the guild has recently been buzzing about a raucous wedding on “tik tok.”

The video showing the bride kissing the MC at the wedding went viral on TikTok, causing a “storm.”

By embracing and kissing another guy, the bride annoys the groom on purpose.

A user shared the tale on Tiktok, and it drew a lot of attention from social media users. The bride grins brightly in the video, hugging and warmly kissing the attractive man holding the microphone, even remaining close to him. Thought to be the groom, it turned out to be the MC who was hosting the wedding program, who was unhappily drawn into the newlyweds’ “grudge and loathing.” Meanwhile, the groom was cuddling another female, rumored to be his ex, not far from the bride.

The groom, feeling “disadvantaged” and embarrassed by his wife’s conduct, let go of the other girl and pulled the bride against her will, causing her to tumble. Although everyone attempts to stop it, the angry bride rushes to shove the groom, and they dispute violently in the middle of the wedding party.

The video got approximately 16.5 million views and tens of thousands of shares and comments on Tik Tok by this morning, following only one day on the platform.

The majority of the responses expressed sympathy and empathy for the bride’s vengeance and believed that the groom was deserving of it.

The “obsession with the name of an ex-lover” – which makes women exceedingly “allergic” – causes the online community, particularly women, to respond in this way. Although it is natural for an ex-lover to attend a wedding, the groom’s open embrace of his ex-husband, despite his wife’s sentiments, demonstrates his disrespect for the bride and the future marriage. Their commencement should be fixed.

The bride retaliates against the groom at the wedding, as shown in the clip: Just a man MC – troll singer?
revealing the complete tape of the truth about the bride hugging the male MC in retaliation for the groom’s closeness with his ex-lover disrupting the wedding?

Regarding the video of the bride exacting vengeance on the groom for embracing his ex-lover at the wedding, social media platforms have lately continued to distribute another video claiming to represent the complete reality of the occurrence.

As a result, the individual who shared the video claimed that it was merely a male MC troll screen – the show’s vocalist. In the video, the male MC – singer prepares to go, but the bride and groom remain at the entrance and explain. At this point, another person from the inside auditorium comes, who appears to know the pair. Everyone came out laughing and cheering as soon as they saw this individual and heard the explanation since the troll had been staged too carefully and done so flawlessly.

The bride and groom both laughed and encircled the male MC – singer of the wedding while he was still befuddled and didn’t grasp what was going on in the clip that is considered to represent the truth of the situation.

Many individuals have urged that the prank be toned down because it would negatively impact the couple’s joyful day as well as the person who is being trolled. Furthermore, there are many who remain doubtful, believing that this was the start of the event when the MC – singer was invited.


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