Man Who Lost His Hair to Cancer Is Surprised to See His Friends Shaved Theirs to Support Him

Chemotherapy caused a young guy to lose all of his hair while battling cancer. In sympathy, his buddies shaved their hair and unveiled the surprise in an emotional video.

When his friends visited a 22-year-old university student who was fighting cancer in September, he received a lovely surprise. The young man had just returned from the hospital in Tampa, Florida. Since June, he had been in the institution.

Aaron Scott’s unshakable support system aided him every step of the way during his health fight. His family and closest friends were always at his side, loving and caring for him.

A man with cancer is surprised when his friends shave their heads to show their support | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


Matt, Kam, and Chris, three of Scott’s closest friends, met at the University of Central Florida. The group became closer as they celebrated one other’s achievements and faced obstacles together. They made the decision to do something extra special for Scott.

The gang wore yellow t-shirts with the word “BELIEVE” emblazoned on them when they arrived to his residence. Scott’s favorite program, which he binge-watched, was referenced here. They produced bracelets with the same phrase on them as well.

A man with cancer embraces his friends after they shave their heads to show their support | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


Their message was straightforward: they urged him and everyone else to be hopeful that he would fully recover. Another act the trio performed left their acquaintance dumbfounded and heartbroken.

To show him that he wasn’t fighting the illness alone, they all shaved their hair. Scott hurriedly removed his hat off his head as soon as he noticed what they had done.

A man with cancer quickly removed his hat after seeing his friends' shaved heads | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


The friends also paid him many visits in the hospital, demonstrating great commitment and affection. When the gang learned of Scott’s cancer diagnosis, they were shocked and furious.

As one of his pals put it:

“Aaron is such a healthy guy, and taking care of himself was always something he was really enthusiastic about before his illness, so we couldn’t believe it when we found out he had cancer.”


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They thought it was unjust that someone as good-hearted as Scott was suffering from such a crippling condition. Added the friend:

“He’s the toughest person we know, and he’ll pull through.”

The friends were overjoyed to learn how much their kindness meant to Scott. They sensed his happiness and were relieved that he was aware that they were still there for him.

Netizens react to a group of friends that shaved their heads to support their friend with cancer | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


Scott’s sister, Ashton Presley, captured the scene on film. “It was good for him to be able to just chill and hang out with his mates like we used to,” she said.

Netizens were moved by the generosity, and one user noted, “Great friends make everything better.” Scott can surely attest to this, and he will never forget his friends’ efforts to help him.


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