Street Boy Adopts A Homeless Dog And They Stay Together All The Time To Avoid Being Alone

Life may be difficult at times, especially for children living on the streets.

The unpredictability of each new day might be overwhelming, but one special little boy found solace in a canine best friend.

It’s always a blessing to have a loyal buddy at your side in life, and this tale is proof of that.

Pets provide unconditional love, acceptance, and commitment.

Maria Kabs, a Filipina from Manila, uploaded the tale of the 11-year-old kid and his adorable pet online in 2015, and it instantly went viral.

Rommel Quemenales, the youngster, lives on the streets of Quezon City, Philippines, and he adopted his puppy Badgi three years ago.

Their companionship is the most effective approach for them to deal with the loneliness they previously experienced.

The boy’s parents divorced when he was quite young, and he was left alone and without financial assistance.

Rommel also has a sister who lives in a nearby city, and he pays her visits as frequently as he can.

Unfortunately, he was frequently mistreated by other youngsters and even police officers, who took the few money he had earned over the day.

“I merely beg for coins; I don’t steal,” Rommel said.

Kabs was motivated to help the youngster because of his bad condition.

Here’s one portion of little Rommel’s daily routine that has touched so many people’s hearts:

Kabs went on to say:

“Here are some of Rommel’s images and movies with Badgi. Please share with everyone so that he and his dog can get some aid.”

Since living on the streets, Badgi has been the finest company the youngster has ever had, and whenever he can, Rommel teaches him tricks and they both have a good time.

The small boy’s greatest wish was to return to his old school.

He only made it to second grade before having to quit. He aspired to return to his homeland of Bulacan, continue his schooling, and one day work as an actor.

The brave little kid is now in his hometown, attending studies and striving to create a brighter future for him and his amazing canine buddy, thanks to the efforts of many people and the tale of him going viral online.

Rommel earned a living by singing songs, which you can hear him do in the video below:

The Humble Master and His Loyal Dog After being viral in social media, I thought that it would be best to talk to the boy behind the touching picture I posted. His name is Rommel Quemenales, an eleven-year-old boy who lives around GMA Network Complex in Quezon City. His parents separated when he was young. He has an elder sister whom he visits in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan whenever he has money. “Umuuwi lang ako sa bahay ng ate ko ‘pag may ihuhulog na ako sa alkansiya ko.”, Rommel said. Rommel expressed his intentions to get back to school for he only finished grade 2. “Namamalimos po ako kasi gusto ko pong maka-ipon. Gusto ko pa pong mag-aral. Para rin po matulungan ko ang aking kapatid.” His dog is named Badgi. He found Badgi a month ago in the streets. He adopted him so he would have a companion. “Sobrang bait po ni Badgi. Tulog lang siya nang tulog. Tinuturuan ko na rin siya ng tricks ngayon.”Here are some of his pictures and videos. Please share with everybody so we could help him and his dog.

Posted by Maria Kabs on Monday, May 25, 2015

Badgi, his best buddy, is constantly at his side, regardless of the situation.

This friendship exemplifies pure love and devotion!

Isn’t it heartwarming?


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