13-Year-old Teen Traded His Xbox And Did Yard Work So That He Could Buy His Mom A Car

After trading in his Xbox and doing yard work to help his mother purchase a vehicle, a thirteen-year-old kid has won the hearts of the internet.

Since their family was forced to start over due to a “unfortunate event,” William’s mother, Krystal Preston, has been trying to make ends meet.

Until recently, the mother has been unable to provide for her three children at their home in Fernley, Nevada, due to a lack of transportation.

After spending some time on YouTube viewing videos of individuals gifting automobiles to their moms, William was inspired to give his mother a car. When the child noticed a woman on Facebook seeking to sell her 1999 Toyota Metro for a low price, he realized he had an opportunity to make his dream a reality.

William approached the woman and asked if she would be willing to swap him the car in exchange for his Xbox and some money he had earned by doing yard work and house cleaning for people in his neighborhood.

The woman was skeptical at first, but after some haggling, she accepted his bargain and drove the car over to the teen’s home.

When William informed his single mother that he had acquired her a vehicle, she was skeptical. After that, he walked her out to the driveway, where the Toyota awaited her – and his mother’s emotions were running high.

“I lost it, I bawled so terrible, I was just like, ‘There’s no way,'” Preston told KOLO. What 13-year-old you know buys a vehicle for their mother? I’m not aware of any, and I’ve never heard of any.”

“I can’t even put it into words, like there are no words to describe my appreciation and pride.”


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