Hungry Teen Goes To Kroger To Ask Strangers For Food, Has No Idea Life Is About To Change Forever

Some people will go to any length to advance in life.

Instead of waiting for life to happen to him, one adolescent opted to confront his fate head-on. With only a bus pass and no money, he set out for the “rich” section of town. He was about to do something he’d never done before, but he knew he had to.

Inside the Highland Kroger, Chauncey Black approached a stranger with a request that would change his life forever.

Chauncy Black, 16, was dealt a hand that most of us could never imagine having to deal with. He had a place to live with his mother, but he didn’t have enough food.

The 16-year-old was hungry and frantically looking for work to assist his mother pay rent, bills, and purchase food.

He eventually did the only thing he could and went to the only location he could get food — a Kroger grocery store in a posh area.

He had no idea that a fortuitous contact with a stranger would forever change his life…

Chauncy was able to scrape together enough money to purchase a bus pass that would take him to the “rich” section of town and back. In return for a mouthful of food, he planned to give employment.

When Chauncy arrived at the Kroger, he confidently approached a stranger and asked if he could help him carry his groceries to the vehicle in exchange for a bag of doughnuts.

The young man’s request moved the nice stranger, Matt White.

“This youngster appeared to have been turned down a hundred times.” He seemed embarrassed, hungry, and bereft. I yelled a loud “yes!” in my head, but all I replied to him was, “okay man, we’ll grab you some doughnuts.”

Matt quickly discovered Chauncy didn’t have a phone, only a bus pass, and a starving mother at home. Chauncy was relying on the kindness of a stranger to feed him before his bus arrived in less than an hour.

He was so taken aback by Chauncy’s predicament that he decided to give him more than a sweet meal.

He returned with Chancy to the supermarket and purchased toiletries, cereal, and other necessities for him and his mother, Barbara.

Matt went a step further and delivered the goods himself, then posted about it on Facebook.

It was clear to Matt that Chauncy needed assistance. How could he possibly overlook that?

The Good Samaritan then proceeded to fill the cart with various items for Chauncy to carry home to his mother.

While buying for all of Chauncy and his mother’s necessities, Matt discovered that the bright young guy was a straight-A student.

Even though Chauncy had a difficult start in life, he had high hopes of assisting those who were in need.

Matt went on to describe how Chauncy and his mother were sleeping on sleeping bags, didn’t have a sofa or bed, and had nothing in their refrigerator.

Chauncy’s mother, according to him, had a condition that made walking difficult and gave her the tremors.

Chauncey took a lift instead of riding the bus, but when he returned home, he and his mentally ill mother were taken aback by the stranger’s kindness.

Matt could see optimism returning to Chauncy’s eyes as he unpacked the items. It was as though he had reverted to being a typical youngster.

That “goodbye” was not, however, the end of this lovely tale.

Matt set up a GoFundMe campaign to help gather money so Chauncyo could start his own lawn mowing company, as if buying groceries for a struggling family wasn’t enough.

The page raised almost $340,000 after his tale went viral.

It also meant he’d be able to sleep in a proper bed for the first time.

Strangers’ compassion never fails to astound me, and more individuals like Matt should exist.

Chauncy had always wanted it; all he needed was someone to give him the chance. I think you will both help others, therefore may God bless you both!

LOOK!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!It's happening!!!! In 3 weeks Chauncy went from no mower, no support, no resources to this!!! Look how incredible this community is!! How good our city and God's people are!! It's so unbelievable!!!! Thank you Rob!!! You are a living angel!! Thank you everyone!!! Look at him go!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Yes!!!!

Posted by Matt White on Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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