Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring Sees His Life Dramatically Change For The Better

Billy Ray, a homeless guy living in Kansas City who begged for coins from passers-by, had his life turned around through a simple act of kindness.

Sarah Darling, a woman who happened to be passing by the 55-year-old guy at the time, put some change into his cup.

She did, however, drop her engagement ring along with the money by accident.

Despite considering selling the ring for more cash, Harris chose to return it to the woman a few days later. The ring was valued at $4,000, according to the estimate he received.

The good deed was described by Harris as follows:

“I’m not trying to say I’m a saint, but I’m also not a demon.”

Darling and her husband, Bill Krejci, organized a fundraiser for Harris to assist him get back on his feet as a thank you.

TODAY quoted Darling as saying:

“We set a $1,000 objective for ourselves. We put it up because many people who had been moved by Billy Ray’s tale indicated an interest in assisting him.”

The event was a big success, raising more than $190,000 in just three months.

When Harris received the monies, he sought the advice of a lawyer, who assisted him in putting the money into a trust.

Since then, Harris has been able to buy a car and even put down a deposit on a property.


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