The Mother Gave Birth To Baby Once Born In 625 Million Cases! Doctors Do Not Believe What They Have Seen!

Doctors are in shock!

A unique baby was born in Siberia. It is about a female child conceived naturally.

The girl was christened Veronica, a name that means “the one who brings victory”, which she fully deserved, according to local media.

The mother (31), who wished to remain anonymous, is a refugee from Ukraine who never went to the doctor during her pregnancy.

However, her baby is special, one in 625 million cases that managed to survive an abdominal pregnancy, in its own mill, out of the womb. Apart from Veronica, so far only 12 such cases have been reported in the world.

Little Veronica’s parents first decided to give birth at home.

“In the beginning, everything was as it should be. She felt stronger and more frequent contractions, prepared for birth, and then they stopped abruptly. Then they decided to rush to the hospital where she was operated on by a team of ten doctors. “The operation was complex and very risky, but in the end the two won,” said a close relative of the mother.


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