Teen Helps Blind Woman Cross The Street In Viral Photo: ‘I Was Just Trying To Help’

Dontarius Caldwell, a 15-year-old boy, and his younger sister Diamond were waiting for the school bus when they spotted a woman having difficulties pressing the crossing button.

Diamond, assuming the woman is blind, requested that her brother accompany her to assist her. However, the siblings had no clue that their modest act of generosity would be captured on camera and broadcast across the world.

“I told Dontarius that I think she’s blind and that you should get up and go help her,” Diamond explained. “He got up and went to help her cross the street two times while I waited for the bus.”

The student from Cincinnati, Ohio approached the woman and asked if she needed assistance, to which she said “yes” and grabbed his hand in hers for assistance.

While his sister waited for the school bus, he securely walked the old, blind lady across the street.

The good-hearted adolescents were unconcerned about their acts, telling local reporters that they had been raised to do the right thing.

“All I wanted to do was help.” Dontarius told NBC’s WLWT5 News station, “I truly didn’t believe I’d be on camera.”

“I was merely extending a helping hand to the elderly.” The crucial phrase here is “helping hand.” “Everyone ought to provide a hand,” he stated.

Dontarius was photographed assisting the woman, and the photo was widely circulated on social media. Thousands of people have seen it in only 24 hours and have commended the boy for his efforts.

“What happens (to them) occurs to you if you are kind,” Dontarius explained.

As a token of his gratitude, Dontarius was handed the key to the school.

It’s comforting to know that compassion is still valued and rewarded in the world we live in.

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