Abused Dog Was Afraid Of Everything But This Baby, So Mom Grabbed The Camera

You’re going to adore these photographs if you like dogs and infants!

Nora was abused as a child and was terrified of everything and everyone–except Archie. The immediate relationship between the rescue and newborn Archie was noted by Elizabeth Spence, who wanted to shoot some unique and lovely photos of the two closest friends.

Nora is one of three rescue dogs in this large family, which also includes three cats. But it’s baby Archie to whom she’s most attached.


They snooze a lot together, all curled up and adorable as can be. Mom couldn’t help to notice the cuteness…


As a result, Elizabeth Spence decided to take advantage of the situation to shoot the cutest images of her dog and kid.


She’d use toys and teddy bears as props…


…as well as other animals!

Elizabeth also hopes that the photos raise awareness about Nora’s rescue and the fact that large rescue dogs can be fantastic with youngsters.

Nora and Archie only snooze together under her supervision, she says.


When it comes to being around little children, rescue dogs (particularly larger breeds) sometimes receive a poor name. But take it from these two: the stereotype is completely false.


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