A Woman 24, Who Welcomed Twenty One Surrogate Babies In Just Over A Year With Millionaire Husband, 57, Insists He’s ‘Still Hands-on’

Despite spending $100,000 on 16 nannies, a woman, 24, who received TWENTY-ONE surrogate infants in just over a year with her rich husband, 57, maintains she’s still a ‘hands-on parent.’

Despite spending £67,700 per 12 months on 16 nannies, a lady has welcomed 21 surrogate babies in just over a year with her rich husband – and maintains she’s still a ‘hands-on mother.’

Kristina Ozturk, a 24-year-old Moscow native, wants 105 biological children with her wealthy hotelier husband Galip Ozturk, 57, whom she met while on vacation in the Georgian seaside town of Batumi.

Between March 2020 and July this year, the couple paid €168,000 (£142,000) to surrogates and spent $96,000 (£67,700) per year on 16 live-in nannies.

‘I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that parents generally do,’ Kristina said to Fabulous, who also lives with her six-year-old daughter Vika from a previous relationship.

The mother, who is supposed to reside in a three-story home with her family, previously stated that she and Galip used surrogate women in order to produce as many children as possible as rapidly as possible.

Mustafa, their first kid, was born on March 10, 2020, while Judy, their 21st child together, is just three months old.

‘I can assure you that my days are never dull. When asked about her daily routine, Kristina remarked, “Every day is different, from managing staff schedules to shopping for my family.”

Kristina, who spends £4,000 a week on baby supplies including 20 huge bags of diapers and 53 packets of baby formula, updates her 162,000-follower Instagram account with updates on her hectic life.

Mustafa, 19 months, Mariam, 18 months, Ayrin, 18 months, Alisa, 18 months, Hasan, 17 months, Judi, 17 months, Harper, 16 months, Teresa, 16 months, Huseyin, 16 months, and Anna, 15 months are the children of Kristina and Ozturk.

Isabella is 15 months old, Ismail is 14 months old, Mehmet is 14 months old, Ahmet is 14 months old, Ali is 13 months old, Kristina is 13 months old, Sara is one, Lokman is one, Galip is 11 months old, Olivia is nine months old, and Judy is three months old.

Kristina, a Russian native, was a single mother when she chose to relax by travelling to the beach in Batumi.

The ‘Las Vegas of the Black Sea,’ as it is known, is a renowned tourist resort at the foot of the Caucasus.

She characterized Galip, a Turkish property and transportation billionaire, as her mentor, guide, and fantasy prince all wrapped into one,’ and said it was love at first sight when she met him on her first day there.

‘She is very easy to be around, she constantly has a grin on her lips and yet she is timid and secretive,’ Galip said, agreeing that it was love at first sight.

‘She was the type of lady I’d always wished for, an uncut gem with a pure and gentle heart,’ says the author.

Kristina and her small daughter Vika moved to Batumi to be with Galip, and things moved swiftly for the pair.

Despite the fact that Galip was much older than her and had his own adult children, Kristina stated that he had no reservations to having a large family.

The couple decided that they wanted to have as many children as possible.

Kristina explained that they had planned to have a kid every year at first, but she rapidly realized that her reproductive potential was insufficient to satisfy their needs.

They chose to employ surrogate moms, which costs around $9,707 each pregnancy.


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