Newborn Twins Upset When Nurses Separate Them

Twins have a peculiar link that we don’t fully comprehend.

It’s a link that extends beyond science. Twins have the ability to sense each other’s feelings as if they were their own. Many twins who have been separated have had a bodily sensation that they know is related to their sibling.

The newborn twins can be seen and heard sobbing until a nurse lays them face to cheek in a poignant scene filmed by their father, Dane Lyman.

The twins joined big sisters Corrine and Amelia, who were born four weeks preterm on February 25. They were both in good health and the birth went smoothly.

Lisa and her husband Dane had two more children, Corinne and Amelia, both girls, increasing their total number of children under the age of four to four.

Dane captured whatever moment Lisa was unable to observe from her birthing bed. Dane was already filming when an unexpected incident occurred that demonstrated the depth of his twin’s relationship.

The newborn boys were separated and examined separately.

They were wailing like all newborn newborns, but only for a short time. The twins were only separated for a few minutes, yet they had each other throughout the pregnancy. The lads were unable to cope with the shock of entering a completely new and frightening environment.

One wailing baby is returned to his sibling by the nurse, and their relationship is visible to everyone in the room. The boys feel comfortable again once they are reunited with skin-to-skin contact, cheek to cheek.

The newborn boys cease crying and go silent right away.

That was all they needed to get back together. The top twin rests his head on his brother’s tummy and rests his face on his brother’s.

Watching these twins cuddle up to each other for comfort only minutes after being born and separated was the most beautiful experience.


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