How Many Legs Does This Elephant Have?

Dammit. I messed up my page of fantastic illusions that aren’t elephants by putting an elephant illusion on it.

Illusions are typically really darn fuckin’ sweet, but a five-legged elephant? Wow. Or three, for that matter. Or, I’m not sure, none. What does it matter? All I know is that four legs are insufficient, and they require all the help they can get.

Elephants are large, sluggish, and foolish, and their main role is to transport midgets.

Nobody eats elephants because it would be like a midget stealing our automobiles from a parking lot. It’s also inconvenient because one elephant could feed a whole city. Maybe a tiny town like Chinook, Montana, rather than a major city like Tokyo. In fact, if an elephant dropped from the sky, it would smash Chinook, Montana. Chinook is the world’s tiniest and most illiterate town. Also, all of the planet’s other bodily components. We should dump thirteen and twelve thousand million elephants all over the place, in my opinion. So we drop the elephants and boomtown – everyone is fed and Chinook is destroyed, and everyone is happy, except for the midgets, elaphants, and Chinookans, who are all in hell.

Here’s another elephant illusion that I created on my own. What is the number of legs on it?

Because I needed to cut them off so he wouldn’t kick me in the head and bash my liver open while I was still basting it.


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