Baby Born At The Size Of A Doll “It Took Two-and-a-half Years For Her To Learn To Walk”

People are astonished when they see the newborn girl because she is so little, and they are even more surprised when they learn how old she is.

Sophia Hecimovic, an Australian baby, is now nine years old. At first glimpse, she resembled a two-year-old child the size of a doll a few years ago. The Australian toddler, on the other hand, was four years old. She stood 88 centimeters tall and weighed around 12 kg.

Sophia’s body is creating growth hormones, which is another reason why physicians are perplexed that she isn’t physically developing.

“It’s upsetting because we don’t have an answer as to why she’s so much smaller than other children her age,” Sophia’s mother, Effie Panayiotou, said.

To make matters worse, the tiny child was also experiencing developmental issues.

“Developmentally, she’s behind as well—it took her two and a half years to learn to walk,” Effie noted.

Sophia, on the other hand, does not let these things get in the way of her enjoyment of life. Sophia enjoys Disney princesses, reading, and animals, as do other young girls. Sophia, according to Sophia’s mother Effie, is a friendly baby with a great personality.

“She can brighten up any room she walks into,” the mother said on Facebook.

“However, she’s just like any other regular youngster and enjoys her dancing courses and swimming lessons.

People are surprised when they see the baby since she is so little, and even more so when they learn how old she is.

Sophia grew eight centimeters in 2016.

Sophia weighed just over 1.8 kg when she was born in June 2012, according to the study. She was just 46 cm tall, which was less than the usual for a newborn.” “She was shorter than the doll her mother had bought for her when she sat alongside it. She was admitted to the hospital and watched for three weeks, but physicians were baffled by her size.”

Sophia was able to talk at the age of five months, saying “mummy” and “dog.” When the girl was a year old, though, she stopped speaking completely.

The youngster was first misdiagnosed with Robinow Syndrome, a rare genetic illness that affects bone growth.

Despite several disappointments, the youngster and her mother are not given up just yet.

To cope with life’s mounting obligations, the girl was a member of a learning group. She also underwent physiotherapy and a variety of other therapies. These therapies appeared to be effective.

Sophia’s mother stated that her daughter’s mobility has already improved as a result of her physical therapy sessions.


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