Mother Gives Birth To 3 Girls On The Same Day Exactly 3 Years Apart “Hospital Said 1-in-48 Million Odds”

According to the hospital, the chances of such a coincidence are one in 48 million.

Kristen Lammert, 32, of Oveida, Florida, gave birth to three children on the same day three years apart.

Some may call it a stroke of luck, while others may call it a coincidence, but for Kristin and Nick Lammert, the birth date of their third daughter Mia is just fate.

“Divine intervention, fate, loved ones up above,” the mother of three added.

Accordingly, Mia’s due date was Sept. 8, 2021. As soon Kristen Lammert got pregnant and did the math, she said she immediately started thinking about the odds of having another shared birthday.

She said “I thought she could absolutely be born two weeks early and share the same birthday with her two older sisters.”

The Lammerts three daughters share the Aug. 25 birthday. Sophia was born in 2015 for Sophia, 2018 for Giuliana and 2021 for Mia.

As a result, Mia’s due date was set for September 8, 2021. Kristen Lammert said she started thinking about the possibility of having another shared birthday as soon as she found out she was pregnant and did the arithmetic.

“I totally imagined she may be born two weeks early and have the same birthday as her two elder sisters,” she added.

The Lammert’s three kids all have the same birthdate, August 25. Sophia, Giuliana, and Mia were born in 2015, 2018, and 2021, respectively.

“And they’re not twins or triplets, they’re three years apart,” Lammert stated.

Lammert was meticulously watched throughout her third pregnancy. Her physicians were concerned about preeclampsia, she claimed.

“Then we had the girls’ birthday celebration a couple weeks, well actually just one week early for them,” Kristin Lammert explained.

“I said ‘I bet you I’m going to deliver her early since I’m experiencing contractions,” she added.

The odds of this happening, according to doctors at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Kids, where Kristin Lammert gave birth, are exceedingly unusual, especially considering all three babies were born naturally.

“They stated 1-in-48 million (odds),” said the 32-year-old mother.

Lammert and her husband, Nick Lammert, have stated that they are open to having additional children in the future.

“She’s incredibly adept at planning,” her husband observed.

Is there a chance we’ll share another birthday?


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