Baby Stares Down The Doctor Some Seconds After Being Born “Bring Me Back To My Mother’s Belly, Please”

When a baby is delivered, you can usually expect a loud cry to resound throughout the delivery room. This infant in this viral snapshot, however, was not what you expected. She gave the surgeons surrounding her instep a stone-cold stare. “Bring Me Back To My Mother’s Belly, Please,” she appeared to plead.

Rodrigo Kunstmann, a Brazilian birth photographer, caught an incredible shot of a newborn’s first sight. He was present throughout the baby’s c-section to assist the parents in capturing those priceless first moments. As a result, Isabela Pereira de Jesus, the infant, glared down her doctor just minutes after she was delivered.

This tiny one, who was born on February 13 in Rio de Janeiro, appeared to be in one mood: dissatisfied.

“She opened her eyes wide and didn’t scream, she made a’sulky’ expression, her mother offered a kiss, and it was only after they cut the umbilical chord that she started to cry,” Kunstmann recalled in an interview with Crescer (translated through Google translate). I believed it had the potential to become a meme when I posted it, but it’s always a question of luck.” ‘I thought: ‘What confront is that she made?’ asked the baby’s mother, Daiane de Jesus Barbosa.

My daughter was born as a ready-made meme.” Isabela, she added, began to wail once the umbilical rope was severed. She noticed that her daughter remained expressive when she returned home, wrinkling her temples when she needed to eat or change her diaper. Her photo has gone viral and has been shared several times.

The photo has received thousands of likes and shares on social media, and Kunstmann claims that its popularity has influenced his job and personal life. “Childbirth is a one-of-a-kind experience,” he remarked. “I can only think of myself as a lucky person.” “It’s like though I’ve won the lotto.”


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